NFLs wide receiver vs. cornerback rivalr

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NFLs wide receiver vs. cornerback rivalr

It's Tyler Kroft Jersey not beef. Notorious B.I.G.definedwhat that is on "Life After Death."Irreconcilible differences, then? Yeah, that's what we'll call them. Irreconcilible differencesbetween elite NFL wide receivers and cornerbacks such as Odell Beckham Jr. and Josh Normanis real.IYER: NFL's top 10 CBs can talk trash all they wantFor fans who are diametrically opposed to the culture of buddy ball that exists in the NBA, where LeBron James and Chris Bosh joinforces with Dwyane Wade (2010) and Kevin Durant decides to tag along with Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson and Draymond Green (2016), one-on-ones on the edge in football might be one of the last matchups in profe sional team sportsin which two dudes who probably won't kick itoff the field go atit.And the games don't even have to count.Rememberwhen DeAndre Hopkins and DeAngelo Hall had a misunderstanding during a Texans-Redskinsorganized preseason scrimmage?It ended with Hopkins all but breaking Hall's ankles before going on to a career season:111 catches,1,521 yards and 11 touchdowns. In the heat of battle, Hopkins also gave us the cla sic response to anyone who steps to you:"I fear God, boy." Norman, now with the Redskins, and wide receiver DeSean Jackson have already been jawing at each other in practice, with the former Eagle getting the betterof the former Panther early in camp. While Jackson said all the right things to media about thetilts againsthis now-teammate, he didn'tthink twice aboutnonchalantlycheckingCardinals star corner Patrick Peterson about getting out of pocket andmentioning his name."Why are you speaking on me?" Jackson said. "I got nothing to do. I'm not bringing you up. I'm not talking about you. Keep me out of it."Jackson and Peterson will meet Dec. 4 in Arizona.MORE: Beckham trying to make nice with NormanNorman will have to prove right away his game Andrew Billings Jersey is worthy of the $50 million in guaranteed cashhe received from Washington owner Daniel Snyder. He'll be matched up against Antonio Brown, arguably the best receiver in football, a healthy Dez Bryant and a pi sed-off Beckham the first three games of 2016 without the luxury of having the Panthers' front four and linebackers Luke Kuechly and Thomas Davis in front of him.Aside from Andre Johnson beating the brakes offCortland Finnegan back in 2010, Beckham and Norman's squabble during Week 15 last season was the most heated exchange since Deion Sanders touched up Andre Rison with a five-piece of left hooks at the Georgia Dome back in the day.Now, we're not promoting violence, but we understand why things sometimes boil over. Sure, it's nastierbetween offensive and defensive linemen down in the trenches, but average fans aren't paying attention to that.Whether it's proximity they line up inches apart from each other for 60 minutes every Sunday or pure petulance as prima donna premierathletes, WR-vs.-CBplay is alwaystense and almost always entertaining.STEELE: Ranking the NFL's top 10 WRsIn the months since their initial confrontation,Beckham and Norman Dre Kirkpatrick Jersey have gone back and forth more than Nas and Jay Z in their cla sic rap battle of the early 2000s. Each player claims he made the other relevant.As good as the banter has Randy Bullock Jersey been between them, if last year's showdown is any indication, the battle between the lines will be even better. Some other wide receiver-cornerback duels to look forward to when Week 1 kicks off five weeks from now.Sept. 8Panthers at Broncos(Kelvin Benjamin vs. Chris Harris Jr./Aqib Talib)Sept. 11Bears at Texans (Alshon Jeffery vs. Johnathan Joseph)Browns at Eagles (Jordan Matthews vs. Joe Haden)Bucs at Falcons (Julio Jones vs. Brent Grimes)Bengals at Jets (A.J. Green vs. Darrelle Revis)Chargers at Chiefs (Jeremy Maclinvs. JasonVerrett;Keenan Allen vs. Marcus Peters)Dolphins at Seahawks (Jarvis Landry vs. Richard Sherman)Lions at Colts (T.Y. Hilton vs. Darius Slay)Giants at Cowboys (Dez Bryant vs. Janoris Jenkins)Patriots at Cardinals(Julian Edelman vs. Patrick Peterson)Sept. 12Steelers at Redskins (Antonio Brown vs. Josh Norman)Now, Aren't you ready for some football?


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