Finally, Gold Speculators Start To Bail, Setting Up A Big Q1 2018

It took a lot longer than it should have, but gold futures traders have finally started behaving “normally.” The speculators who were extremely, stubbornly long – and who are usually wrong when they’re this excited — had maintained their over-optimistic bets when they should have been stampeding for the exits, making the last few months both boring and depressing for gold bugs and related investors.

The Dow/Gold Ratio

This next set of ratio charts I consider to be the most important ratio charts if you are deciding whether to be an investor in the INDU or in Gold. When the price is rising The INDU ( Dow Jones Industrial Average ) (a proxy for General Stock Markets) is rising against Gold , and when it is falling Gold is rising against the Dow.

Technical Analysis Of The Markets

The price action of the past week has added to the perception that SPX is in the process of creating an intermediate top.

Gold And Silver Prices Break Below Support

Is this a major break in the long term trend for gold and silver? A break that can be expected to set in place a bearish trend for a good part of 2018? After perhaps the most relentless, intense pressure of the past 6 years since the high in 2011, prices of gold and silver have broken below significant medium to longer term support. How bad is this really and what does the future hold now?

Step Sum Boxes For The Dow Jones Index And Gold

Once again, the Dow Jones closed the week at a new all-time high, another BEV Zero in the Bear’s Eye View chart below. That makes 82 new all-time highs since last November’s presidential election. That’s 30% of the Dow Jones’ daily closings of the past year have been at new all-time highs. Also, going back to 1982 in the BEV chart below, the true beginning of the current market advance, never before have we seen a concentration of BEV Zeros that simply refuses to correct down to the BEV -5% line. It’s been that way since July 2016.

Gold Price Exclusive Update

Gold sector is on major buy signal since early 2016. Major signals can last for months and years and are more suitable for long-term investors. GLD is on short-term sell signal. GDX is on short-term sell signal.

Gold Stocks: Core Position Focus

Here are today's videos and charts.

Merry Christmas To You—Bullion Premiums At Multi-Year Lows

There’s nothing like a bargain during the holidays. And here’s an unexpected one even I was surprised to see… It’s not easy to dig up industry-wide data on coin and bar premiums. To do it manually is incredibly time-consuming and then would be out of date as soon as you published it, since premiums always fluctuate.

Three Amigos Update

I realize this theme could be wearing on some people, but with all the subtlety of a sledgehammer I am going to pound it until it either aborts or completes. It is, in my opinion, too important not to.

Gold Demand Increases Along With Uncertainty Thanks To Trump, Brexit And North Korea

Last Saturday was the 75th anniversary of the Chicago Pile experiment. The experiment that proved for the first time that an atomic bomb could exist. The experiment was a key step in the Manhattan Project that went onto develop the infamous bomb in World War II.


A one-ounce gold nugget is rarer than a five-carat diamond.