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New York (Oct 26) - Gold prices fell early on Tuesday after a five-session rally, as the dollar steadied and investors awaited key central... Read More
LONDON (Oct 26) -The dollar slipped on Tuesday but struggled to gain momentum, with most major currency pairs little changed as investors... Read More
London (Oct 26) - Gold prices eased on Tuesday, weighed down by an uptick in the U.S. dollar and bond yields, as investors assessed central... Read More

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Inflation worries have intensified, gold started to rally on Friday… and then Powell came, ruining the party and killing the bullish vibe.
For the first time in most Americans’ lifetimes, they are having to navigate chronic shortages. From bare shelves at discount stores to contract labor being unavailable, the supply of goods and services is seemingly unable to keep up with demand.
I would like to update some long-term charts for Gold to give you a feel for where Gold is at in its secular bull market that began at the 2000 double bottom low. I’ve said a million times that big patterns lead to a big move and the bigger the pattern the bigger the...

Chris Vermeulen discusses where gold prices could go next. Are recent price moves forming a bottom before the next leg up? Will critical support levels hold? Or will we see a whole number measured move to the downside?

The world is never returning to normal. The COVID crisis has changed daily life for billions and served as a catalyst and scapegoat for an increasingly decaying financial system. The world is now hampered by shortages and soaring prices, and it will only get worse.
The best performing precious metal for the week was silver, up 4.35%. Gold steadied after a two-day advance as investors weighed comments from Federal Reserve officials indicating that interest-rate hikes aren’t imminent.
The USD Index has been eating its Wheaties, is itching for a fight, and it’s got solid fundamentals backing it up. Doesn’t look good for the metals.
These secular bear markets in the US Dollar lasts usually 6-8 years. The bull market likely ended early 2020. The $CRB has started a secular bull market.
Today's Federal Reserve regularly makes two extraordinary claims; Inflation is too low, The Fed has nothing to do with wealth concentration.
One of the benefits (or luxuries) of being removed from the commuting rat-race of my earlier life is the ability to devote large swaths of free time to reading – to the acquisition of either new sources of knowledge or new frameworks of opinion, neither of which can be...

SPX Long-term trend:  The 4540 projection which had been in effect since the March 2020 low has now been reached but appears to have been only an intermediate target.  Hi

As expected, the Dow Jones closed this week at a new all-time high, a BEV Zero in its BEV Chart below.  This is the 43rd since it began making new all-time highs last November 16th, and since then hasn’t closed outside of scoring position.  What’s scoring position? ...
Solar panels are basically microprocessors, so it’s not a surprise that they’ve been following their own version of Moore’s Law, declining in price by 5%-10% each year. As a result, solar is now competitive with fossil-fuel-derived electricity in a growing number of...
Yesterday (Friday) it looked for all the world that Gold finally was getting some material upside grip, that finally the weekly parabolic Short trend was about to flip Long, that finally the M word crowd were "takin' it in the Shorts" (a somewhat vulgar StateSide...
Our proprietary cycle indicator is now UP. Long term – on long term SELL signal. Short term – on buy signals. Gold sector cycle is up. $$$ We are now long for this new up cycle.
Gold calmly continues cobbling its Handle, Miners lay in wait You see, there is all this noise out there. It comes mostly from inflationists touting gold in the same breath as copper, as oil, and as commodities of all flavors (and aside from gold and to a degree,...
Below we look at recessionary, inflationary, and stagflationary signposts to determine the probability of whether we are headed for recession. The potential outcomes, in the backdrop of rising debt as real rates slide inevitably deeper into negative depths, are a ...
The gold miners’ latest quarterly earnings season will soon get underway, with their full Q3’21 results due out by mid-November.  These fundamental reports are invaluable to traders, revealing how companies are actually faring operationally and financially.  Despite...
After the gold price reached a high of $850 oz. in 1980, its price began a long decline that lasted over twenty years. But the decline was not just characterized by its lower price, which eventually bottomed around $250 oz.
With the S&P 500 back at its all-time highs, gold stopped lagging behind. However, how long can this unsustainable growth last?
Maybe it’s not the best timing, given the spread of the Delta variant of the coronavirus, but let’s be optimistic and assume that we will soon leave the epidemic behind us. It goes without saying that the pandexit, or the exit of the Covid-19 pandemic from the world,...
The world’s largest gold nugget is 61 lbs, 11 oz and is on display in Las Vegas.
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