Gold Price Forecasts And Gold Predictions For This Secular Bull Market

December 2, 2014
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gold barGold is still in a secular bull market which began in 2001. In fact it soared 650% in its first leg up (2001-2011). But as all secular bull markets occasionally correct, gold too has corrected down 39% during the past three years. Consequently, the shiny yellow today is grossly over-sold…taking into account its extremely bullish fundamentals. Therefore, well-informed smart investors and market pundits are forecasting materially higher gold values going forward.

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We have undertaken to compile the Gold Price Forecasts And Gold Predictions of the world’s most eminent and revered gold analysts. Moreover, the criteria and rationale of each gold forecast and prediction is supported by a link to each gold guru’s views.

Hear the sage wisdom of gold pundits (in no particular order):

Marc Faber opines: “The danger in owning gold is not its price, which over time will move up, but the insanity of central bankers who with their incompetent politician friends will likely confiscate it one day in the future.”

Marc Faber Emphasizes Need For Gold


Dr. Doolittle predicts the gold price might rise to $3,648 by 2018

Dr. Doolittle predicts the gold price might rise to $7,829 by 2023

Based on Money Supply & Monetary Base Fuel the Price of Gold and Silver


Chris Vermeulen forecasts the gold price is estimated to reach $1,550 short-term.

Based on The Truth About Where Gold Price Is Headed

Chris Vermeulen says the gold price is predicted to reach $2,400 long-term. 

Based on Gold Forecast and Gold Stocks Bottoming Analysis


Internationally known analyst Peter Degraaf  recently opines that “…based on growing World Money Supply and mounting US Federal Debt, his calculations arrive at a gold price of $1,700.00/ounce by December 2015. “


Analyst Vronsky predicts

By 2019 the price of gold is forecast to reach $2,100.

By 2024 the price of gold is forecast to reach $3,600.

Based on Gold Price Forecast Per Growth In US Money Supply


Technical researchers MaryAnn & Pamela Aden predict by 2019 the gold price will be the next likely time for a major peak.

Based on Greenspan’s Gold Forecast Concurs With Chart Analysis


James Turk’s near term target is $US2,000 per ounce in the not too distant future.


Jim Rogers video implies a Gold Short Cover Rally in Early 2015


GE Christenson says gold is going to $4,000…but WHEN…2016?!


The famous Rule of Seven forecasts gold to reach $2,907.

Gold Price Forecast Per The Rule Of 7


Peter Schiff sticks to his call of Gold at $5,000 and beyond.


Analyst Vronsky forecasts

  • By 2016 the gold price at a CAGR of 14.8% yields an estimated value of $3,022.
  • By 2016 the gold price at a CAGR of 26.6% yields an estimated value of $4,470.

Based on Gold Price Forecast Per US Federal Reserve Balance Sheet


Rob McEwen, founder of GoldCorp, said in a recent interview, "I'm a long-term believer in gold and I see it ultimately getting to $5,000 an ounce – by the end of 2015."


David Morgan sees $1,700 gold by the end of 2014.


Steve Forbes Supports The Gold Standard


Nomura Securities revised the 2015 gold price forecast, lifting it to $1,460/oz from US$1,200/oz.


Dr Vronsky suggests gold might reach $2,315/oz by mid-2016.

Gold Price Prediction Based On Technical Analysis & China Demand


Dr Jim Willie says $7,000 gold will be followed by $18,000 gold (video)


Jason Hamlin alerts:  Is $10,000 Gold Possible?


Dr. Doolittle predicts the gold price in Chinese Renminbi might reach 15,100 Yuan/oz by 2020


These globally known 90 Analysts believe gold will go to $5,000/oz – Or More!


It is imperative to remember the ageless sage wisdom:

“Gold has worked down from Alexander’s time... When something holds good for two thousand years, I do not believe it can be so because of prejudice or mistaken theory.”

- Bernard Baruch, a 1929 and aftermath winner


The views expressed above are provided for information purposes only and should not be construed in any way as investment advice.  None of the above forecasts and predictions are requests to buy or sell gold. They are simply personal opinions based upon their own studies and analysis.  Consequently, ALL INVESTORS should consult their own registered and licensed financial consultants before any action is taken. Furthermore, the opinions expressed may change without notice.

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With gold stolen by Conquistador Francisco Pizarro from the Inca Empire in 1532, Spain financed its conquest of Europe.

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