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If gold made a New Year's resolution to improve, then getting sick might have stifled its plans. Is this the beginning of a pattern for the next few months?
As in sports, a weak market streak can reverse in the next season. However, the precious metals team looks like it’s about to drop out of the league.
What a way to start a year! Gold just faked its comeback before moving to new yearly lows. That’s a very bearish way for a market to start the year.
Gold, silver, and mining stocks started 2022 with a bang. However, this wasn’t the kind of fireworks investors were hoping for. While gold, silver, and mining stocks partied hard into year-end, the trio woke up to massive hangovers on Jan...
Changes are expected with the advent of a new year, but the precious metals seem to have missed the moment of transition. When will they wake up?
If the Fed normalizes its balance sheet and markets freak-out, it will be a bridge too far. But interest rate hikes won’t crash a strong US economy.
“That’s all Folks!” - Porky Pig at the end of the Looney Tunes cartoon series. The above is what immediately came to my mind after seeing Friday’s price action in the precious metals sector. Why? Because of the reversals and tiny...
With the USD Index suffering a ‘sell the news’ event on Dec. 15, the FOMC’s hawkish Summary of Economic Projections wasn’t enough to uplift investors’ optimism. However, while the dollar day traders performed their usual disappearing act,...
In Monday’s gold analysis, I emphasized that there was very little to say about gold’s movement, and the same is up-to-date also today. Consequently, the full version of today’s analysis focuses on fundamental issues and only a small...
One swallow doesn't make a summer, but when it comes to slower inflation pressure, there have been several. Will the narrative change soon?

Gold is found in nature in quartz veins

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