Banksters wrecking ball in motion.

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Banksters wrecking ball in motion.

Our consumption is mostly financed by accumulating debt liabilities to supplement inadequate wages and salaries. Thus government runs massive fiscal deficits, not only to support the income shortfalls of its citizens, but also to enhance corporate profits. In this way corporations enjoy lopsided profits with which they leverage up by engaging in a massive swap of equity for debt. Thus debt issuance keeps increasing, despite record corporate profits. This is done so corporations can leverage up their bookkeeping profits with more bookkeeping profits through repurchasing their own shares with ever more borrowed money by trading equity for debt.

We are in for a depression as soon as this all is forced to unwind.

The primary cause for all of our financial disorders is the fact that banks don't have any money. They lend credit as if it was money, thus the money does not exist in circulation to pay down the debt with. We pay debt with more debt. How is that ever going to reduce debt. We are so smart (stupid) that we have outsmarted ourselves.