Coin Roll Hunting

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Coin Roll Hunting

Post All Your Coin Roll Hunting Finds Here!

MY BEST DAY EVER. Coin Roll Hunting Half Dollars:


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Top ten most valuable walking liberty half dolalrs:


All my finds: 

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Todays Finds:

I got a gold plated coin, and 90%!


My silver totals this week with 7 silver!:


Thanks for sharing your findings! It's great that one can find real precious coin among the circulating money. Those half-dollars are really stunning! I myself collect silver specials of U.S. like these: , but would like to have an ability to search for treasures in the cash or rolls. It seems to be a breathtaking process!


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Coin roll hyunting $2000 in one day, driving around + vlog:  Got silver!


Old silver Coin Cache, walkers!:


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! It's great that one can find real precious coin among the circulating money. 

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