The Noble Metals

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The Noble Metals

This topic is near and dear to our hearts and was addressed this week by Mickey Fulp in his mercenary musings installment on kitco news.  See the below link on our site. We've offered ruthenium and osmium since 2013 and added iridium in 2014. We have a growing family of elemental one troy ounce metal ingots. Gold and silver should be the bulk of anyone's physical metal holdings but why not diversify?  PGM 6-pack anyone?  With a BBB A+ rating and a top seller rating on ebay we hope you'll consider giving us a chance to help fill your treasure chest.


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The respectable metals are a gathering of metals that oppose oxidation and erosion in clammy air. They are the inverse of the base metals, which all the more promptly oxidize and erode.
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nonmetals), is the least metallic of the polyatomic nonmetals but even here shows some discernible metal-like character (discussed below).





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Noble metals are inert, and are highly resistant to oxidation and corrosion when exposed to moisture. These metals are rare and highly prized.


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With the development of technology over the decades we were able to even create new metals and the list on periodic table is ever increasing. Therefore it’s ok to expand our collection towards other noble metals other than gold, silver and platinum. Commercial Photo Editing India


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