T-Bonds will tank as China is dumping

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T-Bonds will tank as China is dumping

The 30-year US TREASURY just executed a Bear Flag with a price objective of 115-117, which might materialize by May 15, 2014.


Accordingly, the Peoples Bank of China will load up on gold with the US$ procedes it will receivwe from dumping US Treasuries.

Bank on it.

An interesting analysis in this regard is http://www.gold-eagle.com/article/gold-backed-renminbi-yuan-looms-horizon

(Chinese for Gold)




Kudos and accolades to Mr Stankovich as he is right on the money with is vearish call on US T-bonds.


IMHO Uncle Sam's Treasuries will suffer in horiffic decline in 2014...whereas most of the money fleeing fiat paper will stampede to gold and silver.

Like the sage financial saying;  BANK ON IT.

muneer ahmed

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