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2 hours ago
Chicago (May 1)  Poor US Advance GDP results of 0.5% q/q and a build in Unemployment Claims to 257K has gotten the Gold Bulls stirred up... Read More
3 hours ago
San Francisco (May 1)  Gold was firmly on the front foot this week as meetings of the US Federal Reserve and Bank of Japan raised more... Read More
3 hours ago
New York (May 1)  Currently skepticism toward the ongoing rally in the precious metals sector is rampant. A lot of it based on shamelessly... Read More

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The first point I would like to make is that many of you are probably wondering how I could reverse my long-term bearish view on the precious metals complex to a bullish view in such a short period of time.
Gold is showing some very good strength at this time, as the weaker dollar, combined with negative interest rates, and in some instances, NEGATIVE REAL RATES, has made the opportunity cost in holding the metal practically non-existent. Throw in the continued...
I have pointed out earlier, gold is forming a possible short-term top. It is on the verge of completing a bearish 'Head and Shoulder' pattern. The pattern is confirmed if gold closes below $1220/oz. The downside pattern target for this setup is $1138/oz.
China's historic post-2009 debt binge flew largely under the radar -- fooling most observers into thinking the global economy was recovering rather than just re-leveraging.
Gold and Silver have taken their seats inside the ivy-covered brick building, Professor Marché distributing to them "blue books" and No. 2 yellow wooden pencils with their wee red rubber-tip erasers. Then disinterestingly lighting his pipe, he utters the word "Begin."
As is always the case at these major turning points, the usual analysts are going to get it wrong again. The dollar is finishing an intermediate cycle decline, not starting one.
Regression to the mean. There is one universal law in this business and it never, never gets broken. Price always regresses to the mean. This one is like death and taxes. It is never violated. And the further price stretches in one direction, the harder it moves back...
Stocks were choppy for much of the week with heavy hitting companies reporting poor numbers for the most part while a few did knock it out of the park. However, they weren’t enough to hold up the stock markets which began to fall Friday. I’m not so sure how deep this...
Perhaps the most successful Ponzi scheme of all has been the Rothschild-led takeover and sapping of the entire United States since the American Civil War that started in 1861. The final stages were set with the not-so-lawfully-passed but fully implemented Federal...
Gold sector is on a new major buy signal and investors should cost average in at the next cycle bottom. Cycle is up but at levels of previous tops. COT data remains in bear market values and is now at levels of previous tops. Silver is on a long-term buy signal and...

This is a special preview of the KE Report Weekend Show. Fund Manager and founder of, Dana Lyons, is featured in segment 7 of the show. The moves in gold and silver are discussed in terms of the XAU chart.

I did not want the day to pass without posting a few words on gold’s significant push to the upside, now trading just shy of the $1300 mark. To be sure, the dual positions with respect to rates on the part of the Bank of Japan (to stand pat) and the Federal Reserve (to...
What a move in the gold stocks! The sector has refused to correct for more than a few days at a time. All weakness has been bought as a wall of worry has been built and the sector emerges from a historic low that could be on par with the 1942 low in the stock market. I...
We continue to see articles by so called “experts” trashing Gold and Silver as investments. Gold is everything from a “Pet Rock” to a “Dumb Investment” or “Barbarous Relic.” Do these people even bother doing research? Or are they just stock shills?
The US and world economies are in serious trouble. Unfortunately, the majority of analysts continue to put out increasingly worthless forecasts as they fail to understand the true nature of the problem… or rather, the predicament we are facing.
Investors around the world are blissfully ignorant of what will hit them in coming months and years. Virtually no one understands the risks in the world and less than ½% of investors have protected themselves against the destruction of their financial assets.
These are shockingly bad times for big banks, especially when you consider that the overall economy is supposed to be fairly healthy. The latest example is Germany’s Deutsche Bank:
Have you been watching the movement in gold this year? If not, I can catch you up pretty quickly. The value of the precious metal has climbed from $1,063.22 per ounce to $1,291.79 per ounce. Sure, there has been some downward movement, but for the...
Technical Analysis of The Markets Via Videos.
James Rickards, economic and monetary expert, joined Bloomberg’s Francine Lacqua on Tuesday to discuss the gold “chart of the decade”, his new book “The New Case for Gold,” why gold is money and why gold is going to $10,000/oz in the coming years.
Gold is in the final phase of the baby bull rally. This is the stage that causes maximum pain for shorts that were unable to recognize that the bear market is over, or tried to sell short (I warned and warned traders not to short a baby bull).

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Horia: ETF's with redemption of physical gold have started to get the upper hand:
Horia: Investors flee risky assets. STOXX down more 1 % in a day.
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