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USD 1,331.82 -0.47   -0.04%

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30 Days 1,267.70 +64.12 +5.06%
6 Months 1,255.03 +76.79 +6.12%
1 Year 1,207.32 +124.50 +10.31%
5 Years 1,689.55 -357.73 -21.17%
10 Years 877.45 +454.37 +51.78%

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Getting Bullish On The Gold Price

Gold is up nine of the last 12 Januaries with an average gain of over 4%, and the trend has continued in 2018 with gold reaching an intraday high of $1,327 so far this year. From December 19 of last year, gold rose 10 trading days in a row. Is...

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It’s Time To Get Serious About Gold And Silver

The metals have been exhibiting as an actor in a soap opera would.  They have taken us to the edge of our emotions on each and every swing, as they take us to the edge of each of our support and resistance regions, and then turn. ...

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[Free eBook] The Definitive Gold Investing Guide

Reserve your free copy of this detailed 36-page guide includes: 7 compelling reasons why NOW may be the opportune time to invest in Gold, pages of investment strategies to help you decide between physical gold (bullion), gold ETF's, gold...

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The Five Key Drivers Of The Price Of Gold

Gold has been the best performing asset since the start of this year. Year-to-date the price of gold has increased from USD 1074.61 to USD 1279.47. That is a return of over 17%. In this article, I will discuss the five key drivers of the price of...

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Gold Price Articles

Gold Will Surge As The World Hits A Rock Or A Hard Place

By Egon von Greyerz - January 19, 2018

The world is now between Scylla and Charybdis or between two evils. Thus, there is no solution or positive outcome of the present state of the world economy. Scylla is the rock or the six headed monster whilst Charybdis is a whirlpool...

Gold, Silver And Mining Price Update

By AG Thorson - January 19, 2018

Metals and Miners are keeping us on our toes; they rarely make it easy. Gold and silver prices appear to be consolidating, but miners look a bit scarier. I outline critical levels for GDX, GDXJ and the XAU. I'll keep a close eye on the...

COMEX Open Interest Data Suggests Another Gold Price Slam Imminent

By Craig Hemke - January 18, 2018

Within this current fractional reserve and derivative pricing system, it’s sometimes easy to anticipate price rallies and slams by observing The Bullion Banks and their practice of increasing and decreasing the total open interest of contracts...

Gold Prices This Week and Next Week’s Outlook

By Gary Tanashian - January 14, 2018

From last week’s article, Recent Strong Rally In Gold And Silver Prices Deserves A Break…Correction … “…while there could be some grind or a pullback at resistance, the sector could...

Gold Price Exclusive Update

By Jack Chan - January 13, 2018

Our proprietary cycle indicator is up. To public readers of our updates, our cycle indicator is one of the most effective timing tool for traders and investors. It is...

These 3 Facts Show Gold Price Is Set To Surge In 2018

By Jeff Clark - January 12, 2018

Crypto and stock prices grabbed most of the investment headlines in 2017. But by the end of 2018, a different asset class is bound to spark investor’s attention. There are multiple reasons for that, starting...

Massive Gold Price Breakout Now

By Morris Hubbartt - January 12, 2018

Here are today's videos and charts.

As Sisyphus Fails, Gold Price Will Ascend

By Egon von Greyerz - January 12, 2018

Welcome to 2018 – a year that will be the culmination of at least 105 years of mismanagement of the Western financial system by governments, central bankers and the elite.

Gold Bullion Up 1% In Week, Heads For 5th Weekly Gain As Bonds Sell Off

By Mark O'Byrne - January 12, 2018

Recent gold headlines and a look at gold and silver prices over the past week.

The 2018 Decline In Precious Metal Prices

By P. Radomski - January 10, 2018

The precious metals sector moved higher in the first days of this year. However, based on yesterday’s decline and the current price levels, 2018 is already a down year for silver and mining stocks. Gold is almost flat. This is a subtle clue...

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