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The PCE Index statistics were released today, and you might wonder what impact they will have on the price of gold. Let’s dig in.
Gold is likely to rally this week (it's already underway), but what's likely next can surprise you.
Did today’s decline in gold surprise you? It shouldn’t – during Thursday’s rally, gold moved to two resistance lines.
Bitcoin was heralded as the new gold. But the “old” gold ultimately managed to move above its 2021 highs, while the “new” gold didn’t. Gold didn’t disappear; they both coexist, and they both have a strong anti-dollar vibe.
It will be a quick update today, as the situation is almost identical to what it was in the previous days. In other words, the situation is developing in line with what I wrote previously.
What a (-n absolutely unsurprising) big slide in gold. I’ve been writing about the link to the 2011 double-top for some time now, and I’ve been emphasizing the back-and-forth nature of the correction.
Back-and-forth movement. That’s what we’ve been expecting. And that’s exactly what we see in gold. Today, we see the “forth” part as the yellow metal erases its recent gains. Just as the daily upswings didn’t really matter, today’s decline...
Gold and silver soared and plunged together, but… Not at the same pace. And this can tell a lot. The way in which both precious metals move relative to each other is not random. It has specific rhythms and patterns, and understanding what...
Can the HUGE price move from those years really be repeated? As gold continues to move back and forth in the same trading range, I decided to dedicate today’s analysis to something different. After all, I already described my current gold...
Both key precious metals moved decisively lower today, which is in perfect tune with their recent price patterns.

Seventy-five percent of all gold in circulation has been extracted since 1910

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