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Przemyslaw Radomski, CFA, is the founder, owner and the main editor of SunshineProfits.com.  You can reach Przemyslaw at: http://www.sunshineprofits.com/help/contact-us/.


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We started yesterday’s Gold & Silver Trading Alert with the Gold Miners Bullish Percent Index, and we’ll start today’s analysis in the same way. We’ll do so, because we received a question about whether gold miners stayed overbought...
We just saw another gargantuan sign pointing to precious metals' very likely turnaround. And once again, most investors are either not aware of it, or are choosing to ignore it (gold can only go up, right?). The signal came from the Gold...
Silver is moving up quite shortly today, which sounds bullish, until one realizes that silver tends to be particularly strong right before the precious metals market tops. And you know what’s the other thing that quite often happens at the...
In Wednesday’s analysis, we wrote that we didn’t trust gold’s breakout above the November 2011 high and that we thought that it will be invalidated shortly. We didn’t have to wait for long. Gold invalidated this breakout several hours...
Gold just closed the month and quarter and its performance on the final day of both was very encouraging for the bulls. What’s going on and what changed?
Very little happened on the precious metals market yesterday and the related markets, but it seems that we might see something more interesting today.
The second wave of Covid-19 is here and while it makes gold’s potential even better in the long run, it’s likely to mean a sharp decline beforehand.
Historical precedents are in many a technician's toolbox – and it's a tool they reach for with success repeatedly. Does the yellow metal offer any interesting parallels?
Historical precedents are in many a technician's toolbox – and it's a tool they reach for with success repeatedly. What lessons can we draw from the miners' performance back in 2016 and now?
There are days and weeks, when one precious metals sector leads the other, or lags behind. In fact, such clues can and do form valuable gold trading tips. What messages have palladium and platinum been sending our way exactly?
Gold was first discovered in U.S. at the Reed farm in North Carolina in 1799, a 17-pound nugget.

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