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The precious metals sector didn’t do much on Friday, but something very important happened in gold’s key driver – the USD Index. Let’s get right to it.
What can happen while investors so stubbornly believe in the Federal Reserve's dovish pivot? No U-turn. “Nah, he’s bluffing” – investors were initially overwhelmed by the irresistible urge to ignore the obvious.
Gold moved slightly higher, silver soared, but miners declined on Friday. If it’s not a screaming short-term signal, I don’t know what is. In other words, Friday’s session served as a perfectly bearish confirmation of what we’ve been...
While gold’s sleigh is flying high, is a crash on the horizon? With so many narratives floating around, bullish seasonality, recession fears and consumer resilience have combined to create a mixed picture on Wall Street. However, with the...
Gold’s rally was just stopped by the resistance provided by its previous high and its 60-week moving average. Will gold now reverse?
The invalidations of breakouts and breakdowns are strong signals in the opposite direction, and we just saw them throughout the market – also in gold.
At the turn of the month is when the dollar index tends to reverse. Does it mean something opposite for the precious metals market?
Gold recently corrected a large part of its previous move, but later traded above an important resistance level. Will it be able to sustain this move?
As might have been deduced, the stock market invalidated its recent upswing. What's more, it dragged gold miners down. But is this really a bearish story? In yesterday’s analysis, I wrote that the stock market was likely to invalidate its...
Will the combination of gold's, the USDX's, and the S&P 500's recent behavior result in a resume of the downtrend in the gold market?

India is perennially the world’s largest gold consumer.

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