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We got the silver signal, we saw the analogy to the previous low-CPI-number surprise, and now we have this. We have a situation in the USD Index that is a screaming buy alert.
Silver just shot up, and given what the stock market is doing, it makes perfect sense. Namely, it’s most likely the final part of the rally in them both, and the same is the case for gold and mining stocks.
Last week, I emphasized that silver’s outperformance was indicating a reversal. That’s exactly what we saw on Friday. Can you guess what’s next?
So, the CPI and – more importantly, from the Fed’s point of view – core CPI was lower than expected, and the markets soared. What’s next?
Miners just plunged, and they did right after tricking the news-chasers. Fortunately, you knew what to focus on.
As the concern with geopolitics peaked, so did gold price. Silver and mining follow. Are you prepared for the likely outcome?
You saw how miners soared on Friday – everyone did. But do you know why it happened? This time, it’s actually quite clear…
Gold futures finally closed above $2,000, but if one is betting on the rally’s continuation, it’s too early to open that champagne.
The price of gold soared once again yesterday, but there are important signs suggesting that this rally is close to being over.
The situation in the Middle East is getting worse, and we’re likely moments away from a full-blown military operation. What’s gold likely to do? In short, gold is likely to rally, but that is not the full or most useful reply.

The average human body contains 0.2 mg of gold with the bone containing .016 ppm and the liver .0004 ppm.

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