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I get a bearish signal, you get a bearish signal, bearish signals for everyone! Yes – we just saw another one. Yesterday was quite a pleasant day, wouldn’t you say? Our profits in the GDXJ (short position in it) increased once again, and...
Classic. Informative. Just plain beautiful! That’s what gold’s, silver’s, and mining stocks’ Friday’s verification looked like. The rally that we saw early on Friday might have triggered some ‘bullish instincts’ among those that haven’t...
The markets just assumed a dovish U-turn in interest rates, thinking that the inflation problem is handled. The below chart features the inflation that’s expected in one year.
Yesterday’s FOMC and the following press conference were groundbreaking. Rates stayed, but Fed said about raising them twice this year = no U-turn!
Very little happened in gold and miners yesterday. As the USDX is hesitating, so do PMs. The biggest component of the USD Index tells what’s next. The biggest part of the USD Index (with 57.6% weight) is, of course, the EUR/USD currency...
Very little happened in the precious metals market yesterday, but something major happened in stocks. And it has important implications for PMs.
AI! Computers making intelligent decisions! New paradigm! Old laws don’t apply anymore! Long live the bull market! …Really? Yes, AI is transformative. It already starts to enhance multiple businesses, just like the Internet did many years...
There are many factors that one needs to consider when analyzing any market. Looking at a single indicator might be misleading. If it was that easy, everyone’s trades would always be profitable, right? But they aren’t.
What if bitcoin just topped? What does it change for the price of gold going forward, if anything? Many years ago, people wanted to buy gold but didn’t really want to store it in their homes, pay for safekeeping and insurance during...
So, the Fed did as expected, raising the rates by 0.25%. But that didn’t really matter. What mattered was what was said later. And how it was then interpreted.

78 percent of the yearly gold supply is made into jewelry.

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