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So, the Fed did as expected, raising the rates by 0.25%. But that didn’t really matter. What mattered was what was said later. And how it was then interpreted.
April had started with gold at $1,990, then gold moved as high as $2,063.40, and yesterday, it closed at $1,999. At the moment of writing these words, gold futures (because that’s what you see on the above chart) are trading at $1,993.
The price of gold moved higher yesterday, but did it manage to rally back above $2,000? No! Despite USDX’s weakness, it didn’t. And this means that the odds for a bigger rally from here declined while the odds for a bigger decline...
I wrote in number of occasions that the gold price was unlikely to hold the breakout above the $2,000 level. Last week provided the final confirmation. Gold price not only declined below $2,000 in a decisive manner. It not only closed the...
While I can’t make any guarantees, that’s very likely at this point. Gold hasn’t moved back below $2,000 yet, but what it did, however, indicates that such a move is just around the corner.
What Happens Before Bigger Declines? The clue to answering the above question lies in the final part of the rally that we saw last week.
Let’s start today’s analysis with a very short-term chart (hourly candlesticks) featuring the GDXJ ETF – a proxy for junior mining stocks. These miners have been the most volatile part of the precious metals sector – at least, it’s the...
Fear and greed are common in the market, and due to them, people tend to follow specific patterns over and over again, regardless of the exact economic surroundings and also pretty much regardless of the time when it’s all taking place....
Enough is enough. No market can decline without correcting every now and then. And both gold and the USDX point to an upcoming reversal. Let’s start with gold.
Gold stocks just closed at a new 2023 low! Not only that – miners declined more than gold while silver was “strong.” That’s a VERY bearish combo.

Gold is the world’s oldest and most known currency.

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