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While the PMs and the general stock market assume that rising interest rates won’t cause any significant bouts of volatility, history suggests otherwise. With good data likely to elicit bad outcomes for both parties, the hotter the U.S....
Gold and the USD act as if they are swinging on a seesaw. However, the apparent idyll cannot last forever – one of the assets will have to be grounded.
Neither the pandemic and inflation, nor war. Nothing seemed to be able to motivate gold to surge, although there were opportunities. When’s the next chance? 
The Fed's hawkish alerts seem like a voice in the wilderness to gold investors. However, a carefree attitude can backfire on them – in just a few months.
Gold, silver, and mining stocks took advantage of their moment and transformed the tensions caused by the war in Ukraine to their benefit. However, all indications are that it is time to come down to earth and that the short-term spurt is...
The Fed will want to keep inflation under control, and that could have miserable consequences for gold and miners. Will we see a repeat from 2008?
In line with predictions, gold is ceasing to benefit from war-fueled uncertainty. Meanwhile, silver faked another breakout. Could it be more bearish? Last week’s powerful, huge-volume reversal in gold was likely to be followed by declines...
Based on the behavior of gold and the dollar, it can be concluded that the influence of geopolitical turbulence on the precious metals market is starting to fade and that it was only temporary.
Gold tried to break its record, but it was the eighth time it failed in this regard. Despite conditions, the level above $2,000 remains unattainable.
Crude oil did it again! Even though gold moved higher recently, crude oil soared so substantially that it stole practically the entire spotlight. Let’s take a look at it before moving to the precious metals sector.

Gold is impervious to rust.

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