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It looks like the USDX tripped a bit during the hike, but we shouldn’t worry – history shows that the USD can reach the highest peaks in the summer. Let’s start with the charts. What’s going on with the USD Index?
Powell’s recent dovish remarks started a sugar high among investors. However, it seems like the hangover has already begun.
The party was just gathering steam, and then… Powell entered, the ultimate spoilsport, making the Fed dovish again. How long till he gets kicked off?
The USDX reportedly invalidated its bullish H&S pattern yesterday, but did it actually do so? The line based on daily closing prices says otherwise.
The bears assemble… but not for the USDX. The greenback has just completed its inverse H&S formation – are these the last calm moments for the PMs? Yesterday’s (Jul. 26) session might have seemed to be something important or game-...
The USDX rose above its inverse H&S pattern neckline. After months-long preparation, is it ready to take its final test… and shine?
The coronavirus strikes back! It’s bad news for almost everyone and everything… except for merciless gold. So, were you hoping that the epidemic was over? After all, millions of people got vaccinated, and the economy is booming....
It seems that choosing GDXJ to short the PMs was a good decision – juniors closed the day at new 2021 lows. Will our profits only grow from now on?
Mining stocks dropped without anyone’s help – gold holds tight, but this is rather an anomaly. Will we see carnage when the king of the PMs collapses?
Taking a sip from a crocodile pond is risky, but some animals try anyway. And die. Beware, as trying to profit from the PM’s pool now could end alike.

Gold was first discovered in U.S. at the Reed farm in North Carolina in 1799, a 17-pound nugget.

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