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As expected, the Fed raised interest rates again—and Powell's dovish stance was a gift to gold miners. The USD fell, giving the GDXJ more room to rise.
Despite stocks' slight recent fall, their short-term outlook remains bullish. Unless gold truly plunges, junior miners have a chance to rise soon.
As junior miners continue to rise and the USD keeps falling, it seems like a matter of a short time before gold soars. It only needs a proper trigger.
Gold, silver, and miners declined heavily in the past weeks, but it seems that they got too low, too fast, and now a quick rebound seems very likely.
Gold stocks declined by about 31.5%, which perfectly fits my previous analogy to 2008. If history is to rhyme, we can expect a corrective upswing soon.
After the USD dropped in 2021, there was a price increase in both gold and mining stocks. If the situation repeats, gold is likely to continue rising. And, of course - that was a reversal, folks!
The dollar is so strong to hit the euro for the first time in 20 years, but gold shows no weakness. How to profit from gold being so bullish?
Although the general stock market has risen, this trend may soon reverse. Since it often moves along with gold stocks, junior miners can face a fall too.
Gold and silver stocks have fallen in such a way that investors will rather understand why it is not worth taking a bullish stance on them.
Mining stocks moved higher on Friday, and you might be wondering if this was anything more than a daily breather – so let’s start today’s analysis with the GDXJ ETF.

A gold nugget can be worth three to four times the value of the gold it contains because they are so rare.

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