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November 27, 2022

Our proprietary cycle indicator is UP. Gold sector is on long term SELL signal. Current COT data supports overall higher gold prices. Our ratio is on buy signal.

November 25, 2022

Here are today's videos and charts.  The videos are viewable on mobile phones as well as computers.
For someone who uses the bond markets as important indicators to the macro analysis, I am the furthest thing from an astute bond trader and am certainly not a bond investor. This probably owes to the fact that my earliest (gold bug) training in the markets was with an...
Difficult periods are followed by easy periods and that applies to metals.

November 24, 2022

As the latest headlines from the FTX implosion remind us yet again of a politicized and rigged market riddled with deception, gold’s climb becomes easier to foresee. But first, a little philosophical musing…
The last update was prescient as it called for a major breakdown in the dollar and breakouts by gold and silver, all of which happened just days later. If this were 2010 or 2011 this update would have generated considerable interest and numerous emails, but today...

November 23, 2022

Stagflation is coming – and it could make the 1970s look like a walk in the park. As you’ve probably noticed, I expect a recession next year, and I’m not alone, as this has become the baseline scenario for many financial institutions and analysts. Even the DSGE model...
While comparing gold and bitcoin gives some idea of the patterns in the market, can the slide of junior miners be predicted by the same method?
Investors and financial media believe inflation peaked and is headed much lower. I agree inflation likely peaked, but I'm still determining how fast it recedes. Storm clouds are gathering on the energy front with concerns over a potential diesel crisis.
Raising interest rates is a necessary but insufficient measure to combat inflation. To reduce inflation to 2 percent, central banks must significantly reduce their balance sheets, which has not yet occurred in local currency, and governments must reduce spending, which...

November 22, 2022

The gold (and silver) charts look awesome. That’s largely because of the US government’s latest failed war (Ukraine), botched brown to green energy transition, and the rise of the gold-oriented citizens of the East.
The star pattern turned out to be an accurate prediction of gold's decline. If the dramatic downturn stage begun, what will happen to the GDXJ? In yesterday’s analysis, I emphasized that gold’s shooting star reversal was a very bearish indication for gold. Indeed, gold...
We think we know most (if not, all) of what we need to know about gold. Investors do their research and marketers spin their best yarn(s). Support is offered with an amazing array of fundamental and technical factors on display for all to see. But what are we not ...
John Ray III oversaw the bankruptcy liquidation of Enron when the giant energy trading firm collapsed in an inferno of fraud and malfeasance in 2001.
The best performing precious metal for the week was gold, but still down 1.04%. Torex Gold announced adjusted earnings per share (EPS) of $0.40, beating consensus of $0.33 on pre-reported gold sales of 119,800 ounces.

November 21, 2022

Last week was full of events, but the most important one clarified after Friday’s closing bell – gold formed a reversal “shooting star” candlestick. The implications are just as you think they are. After a sharp run-up, the rally has run its course, and the yellow...
As warning signs for the economy mount, investors are cheering for more bad news. That's because they expect economic weakness will force the Federal Reserve to stop raising interest rates and eventually re-embrace loose monetary policy.
Technical analyst Chris Vermeulen joins the show to discuss the latest trends for the Silver and Gold markets for the upcoming months and what we could expect for the first quarter of 2023. Furthermore, we talk bout the unenviable fed's pivot, COMEX and LBMA downward...
Twitter and bitcoin share a key similarity in that their success while it lasted was just hubris. Realize that both companies were birthed by a virtual medium capable of monetizing turds if there is discoverable demand for them.

November 20, 2022

Following their prior robust trading week (07-11 November) wherein Gold gained +5.3% across a 109-point trading range and Silver +4.2% in spanning 1.70 points, the precious metals this past week went from molten to frozen.
Financial crises are really about trust. They tend to occur when people lose trust in assets, institutions, or people they had thought trustworthy. Whether the lost trust was a consequence of the crisis, or its cause is a different question. But they do seem to go...
Sadly those who have been holding their bitcoin on the crypto exchange FTX, have not experienced the same level of reassurance and service from the exchange’s management.
Let’s start off as usual, with the Bear’s Eye View (BEV) of the Dow Jones.  This week the Dow Jones closed with a BEV of -8.30%, or 8.30% below its last all-time high.  Last week it closed with a BEV of -8.29%, the difference being a decline in the Dow Jones of $2.17...
This month a cooling CPI number sparked a mammoth rally on Wall Street on hopes that the Federal Reserve may be ready for a pivot (aka capitulation) in its battle against inflation. The gains are premature and won’t change the trajectory of the economy.
Long term – on SELL signal. Short term – on buy signals. Gold sector cycle is up. COT data is supportive for overall higher prices.

November 18, 2022

Here are today's videos and charts.  The videos are viewable on mobile phones as well as computers.
The battered major gold miners’ stocks rocketed higher with their metal in recent weeks, showing signs of life.  That vertical breakout started to rekindle traders’ interest in this left-for-dead contrarian sector.  Gold stocks’ upside potential in coming months...
History tends to repeat itself, and mining stocks appear to be repeating their 2008 performance, which has very interesting implications. Why do I think that gold miners are repeating their 2008 price patterns? Please take a look at the below chart.

November 17, 2022

The precious metals market appears to have topped. The fact that junior miners underperform gold serves as bearish confirmation that more downward waves may follow. Almost everything I wrote and said yesterday also is still relevant today.
The evidence argues that the cyclical bear market in precious metals is likely over. We will only know for certain once prices are much higher. Such is the reality of markets. Therefore we need to rely on the weight of the evidence.

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