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October 27, 2023

A new major upleg is underway in gold, which should easily achieve new all-time-record highs.  That will greatly boost investor interest and capital inflows into this leading alternative asset.  Despite gold’s sharp V-bounce, speculators’ gold-futures positioning...

While geopolitical conflict has kept gold afloat, mining stocks’ weakness signals trouble ahead. While risk assets attempt to break free of their bearish corrections, gold’s relative outperformance has the yellow metal shining bright. Despite that, we’ve booked 11-...

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Gold touched $2000/oz resistance last Friday but has so far held most of its gains in a bullish fashion. It closed Wednesday at $1995/oz. Next Tuesday marks the monthly close. The monthly candle chart of Gold is below, with the resistance line at $2000. Gold has...

If rapid M2 percentage growth forecast an inflation problem back in 2020, why would it not be forecasting deflationary pressure now?

Joining us today is Mark Yaxley, co-founder of Strategic Wealth Preservation (SWP), and we dive deep into the current global economy, the prospects of gold & silver, the recent conflict's impact on precious metal prices, the role of Federal Reserve's policies,...

In the past 3 years we've seen the gold price break the $2,000 level on several occasions. Yet each time it's come back in, leaving many wondering what it will finally take for a decisive breakthrough that finally leaves the $2,000 level in our rear-view mirror.

October 26, 2023

There’s a good reason why investors are amazed that something hasn’t broken in the economy yet: The last time US government bond yields climbed so far, so fast, the nation plunged into back-to-back recessions. So says an article by Bloomberg, published on Yahoo!...

A quick history lesson on Wars that are often won with finance skills as much as field tactics. A very important lesson as we are close to backing three wars at the same time and should probably listen carefully to the songs of history!

Fiscal explosion is not in the economic dictionary. But in the foreign exchange markets and bond markets this intuitive concept has sometimes powered a narrative which drives long-term US interest rates and the dollar upward in tandem. The puzzle to explain at such...

Jordan Roy-Byrne, Founder and Editor of The Daily Gold, outlines both the technical and intermarket levels he is watching on the charts but balances that out with the macroeconomic data driving market expectations.  We start off getting some pricing support and...

October 25, 2023

In this extensive conversation with Cambridge House CEO, Jay Martin, Matterhorn Asset Management partner, Matthew Piepenburg, shares his insights on the historical interplay of war, over-indebted nations, broken bond markets, currency debasement and their...

Gold against the stock market and Gold against foreign currencies recently did not make a lower low while Gold did. That positive divergence preceded the recent rebound in Gold. In addition, Gold against foreign currencies has broken out to a new all-time high.

October 24, 2023

Maybe I am foolish. Maybe I don't know what I am talking about. But, I am still seeing the potential for the bulls to pull a rabbit out of a hat. Yet, their opportunity is narrowing.

Dollar bugs in the West view gold currency as a speculative gambling chip that has short-term bounces against their supposedly awesome fiat money. They claim that gold bugs are gold “perma-bulls” who need to learn to “trade” the metal against fiat.

Gold hit a 13-week high due to increasing geopolitical tensions and war between Israel and Palestine. Gold has historically functioned as a safe-haven asset and conflict has produced tremendous demand for the yellow metal.

U.S. Treasury debt has long been considered a “risk free” asset. Gold bugs hold a different definition of risk free, but for most of Wall Street and the investing public the assumption has been that there’s zero chance the U.S.

Just a few weeks ago the gold and silver prices were languishing again, with gold trading in the $1830's while silver was below $21. Yet we've seen a substantial rally since then, partially aided by the unfortunate geopolitical events in the middle east, that left...

Gold has rocketed higher in recent weeks and hit $2000 on Friday before backing off a bit. Gold is overbought which is bullish but in the short-term it likely pauses or corrects. Look for support at $1940 and $1920.

October 23, 2023

Investors and others often use the term geopolitical to describe investment risk arising from various conflicts between individual countries and, also, among nations in general on a worldwide basis.

Below, we follow the breadcrumbs of simple math and bond market signals toward an oft-repeated pattern of how once-great nations become, well…not so great any more.

It took nearly two weeks for bears to recoup their mojo after getting sucker-punched by a suspiciously buoyant market following the October 7 Israel massacre. Although the attack could lead to a nuclear conflagration and world war, Wall Street kept its cool while...

Many have questioned why the gold price has failed to do the normal thing (decline significantly) in the face of high ‘real’ yields (an indication of very tight monetary policy)…

Vince Lanci of Echo Bay Futures and Gold Fix on Substack joins us to discuss the recent rebound in Gold, the driving forces and what lies ahead.

Jeffrey Tucker, a writer, publisher, and entrepreneur, returns to the show to provide insights on the world economy's current fragility, drawing connections from the global lockdowns in March 2020.

For years, Jim Willie has warned about an exodus out of the US bond market, and at the rate yields have soared over the past month, we may be seeing the beginning stages of such an event.

As the world teeters on the edge of all out war, gold and Treasuries head in opposite directions. Gold and silver break out, and the bond market breaks down.

October 22, 2023

As financial markets gyrate, investors are finding safe haven in precious metals. The stock market sold off on Thursday on interest rate fears. It’s not so much the threat of additional rate hikes by the Federal Reserve that has investors scared. It’s more the spike...

Across the past 23 trading days (from 20 September) Gold traded per that date’s high of 1969 down -145 points (-7.4%) to 1824 (on 06 October) from which price then ascended +185 points (+10.1%) through yesterday (Friday) to as high as 2009 in settling out the week...

The Dow Jones closed the week with a BEV of -9.98%, a mere 0.02% from being a double-digit BEV value (-10.0% BEV). I take this to mean the Dow Jones is going down, but not fast enough to alarm the investment public; not yet anyway. Give it time, it will.

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