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April 14, 2024

The turnaround in gold and the Precious Metals sector on Friday was really dramatic with gold dropping about $80 from its 11 am EDT peak and this brought out the old explanation about “the powers that be” cratering it by burying it with paper shorts. However, as we...

From my last article posted in late-March, Gold was in the midst of a larger uptrend, which was expected to hold up into the early-to-mid April timeframe. With that, we are now in the range for a correction for the yellow metal, though one favored to end up as a...

Two weeks ago, on the last trading day in March, the Dow Jones closed at a BEV Zero.  In the following ten NYSE trading sessions, Mr Bear has almost knocked the Dow Jones out of scoring position, closing the week with a BEV of -4.58%.

This past Tuesday 09 April at precisely 07:15 GMT, Gold tapped our 2375 forecast high for this year.  As we reminded you valued readers a week ago, such call made back on 30 December was couched as “conservative”.

As inflation continues to come in hotter than expected, gold and silver markets continue to gain upside momentum, although today’s market action is very wild.

April 13, 2024

Gold has broken out firmly and has no overhead resistance. Gold sector cycle is up. Trend is up for gold and gold stocks.

If you listen to mainstream punditry and government spinmeisters, you'll hear all kinds of reasons for inflation. It was supply chain issues! It's because Putin invaded Ukraine! It's Trump's fault!

April 12, 2024

Gold’s record-shattering breakout surge during the past six weeks has proven magnificent!  Sustained momentum-chasing buying outside of normal channels has fueled these sharp gains, which gold miners’ stocks are increasingly leveraging.  But such big-and-fast surges...

We are entering the recognition phase of the gold bull market where pullbacks become brief and infrequent. Many investors will be left behind. Silver is gaining traction, and prices could explode to the upside if they manage to push through $30.00 next week. Gold...

We did some heavy-duty profit booking this week on the gold and silver stocks in most of our portfolios. we hit a home run with the oil stocks and NRGU, and we locked in some juicy profits on the NUGT gold stocks ETF. We also shorted the Nasdaq by buying SQQQ, right...

Gold’s weekly chart is purely bullish. The pattern of this chart targets 2450. This is a purely bullish breakout to blue sky.

n December 2020, half a year into the pandemic, the Swiss National Bank (SNB) received a call from the US Treasury Department. For years, the US had accused Switzerland of monetarily steering the franc (CHF) to create “unfair” advantages that harmed its...

As he was ramping up his presidential campaign in December 2019, Joe Biden criticized Donald Trump over his calls for the Federal Reserve to lower interest rates.

Gold is very close to confirming a new secular bull market by way of outperforming the conventional 60/40 investment portfolio. We analyze Gold against the 60/40 portfolio and Gold against the stock market.

Chris Vermeulen, Chief Market Strategist at The Technical Traders, joins the show to discuss the dynamic shifts in the precious metals market amidst a backdrop of economic uncertainty and central bank actions.

There was another hotter than expected CPI report yesterday, which normally would have sent gold and silver prices lower. As any inflationary readings would suggest the Federal Reserve would be less likely to lower interest rates sooner rather than later.

April 11, 2024

Gold has reached the first of a handful of measured upside targets at $2350. It has another measured upside target of $2350 and the cup and handle targets of roughly $3000 and $4000.

I’ve covered the gold market and talked about it to investors and media for the better part of 40 years, but I’ve never recommended the metal as urgently as I am now. There are three simple and compelling reasons: Debt…debt…and more debt.

North Carolina is known for many wonderful things — being “First in Flight,” Carolina BBQ, Biltmore Estate (the largest private residence in the US), being the home of NASCAR, and much more. 

April 10, 2024

We’ve got it! We have the breakout in the USD/YEN pair, and gold – in a completely unsurprising way – declined. And that IS a game-changer, even if many people fail to view it as such.

In this week's episode of "Money Metals Midweek Memo," host Mike Maharrey delves into the often overlooked yet significant realm of gold investment, drawing an engaging parallel between gold's market perception and a personal anecdote from his school days about a...

Gold has surged to record highs of over $2,350 per ounce, and there is reason to believe this bull run has plenty of legs left.

Throughout the ongoing gold and silver rally, we've heard plenty about how much gold China is buying. But have Americans been a part of the buying yet?

Joining us today is Larry MacDonald, founder of the Bear Traps Report and author of the best-selling book "When Markets Speak." Discover Larry's insights on the current gold and silver markets, the potential impact of Federal Reserve policies on the economy, and his...

April 9, 2024

In war, the best soldiers prepare for surprise. In the East, the big gold bug focus isn’t on predicting the price like it is in the West. The awesome focus is on…Getting more gold! Various investor tools and tactics are available to accomplish this mission on an...

I have to be honest that the metals complex is my favorite segment of the market to trade, especially when it is rallying. In fact, my first public articles were mostly focused on this complex.

On the occasion of another standout payrolls report, we note that the macro is indeed changing beneath the surface.

The best-performing precious metal for the past week was silver, up 10.35%. Gold, and in particular, silver, had a buoyant week, climbing higher last Friday despite the surge in nonfarm payrolls.

According to the mainstream, it’s always time to sell gold. Maybe listening to mainstream talking heads isn’t the best strategy. On March 8, CNBC Fast Money featured TD Securities senior commodity strategist Daniel Ghali arguing that it was time to take profits on...

By vetoing legislation today that would have allowed the Idaho State Treasurer to protect state reserve funds with a small allocation to physical gold and silver, Idaho Gov. Brad Little sent an ominous message to the state's mining industry and investors.

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