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Mike Maharrey

Mike Maharrey is a journalist and market analyst for with over a decade of experience in precious metals. He holds a BS in accounting from the University of Kentucky and a BA in journalism from the University of South Florida.

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At least he accepted bribes that would retain their value. On July 16, a jury convicted Senator Bob Menendez (D-N.J.) on 16 counts, including wire fraud, bribery, and extortion. According to the indictment, the senator and his wife took...
According to a recent note by ANZ Bank, Indian gold demand could help extend the current gold rally and push the price of gold to $2,500 and beyond. India ranks as the world’s number-two gold market behind China.
Canada’s growing gold exports to China provide more evidence of the shift of gold from the West to the East. 
In a recent episode of the Money Metals Podcast, host Mike Maharrey interviewed David Morgan, a renowned precious metals analyst and founder of the Morgan Report.
Uganda has joined the growing number of African countries turning to gold to support their currencies. The Ugandan central bank has announced a domestic gold-buying program to buy gold directly from local artisanal miners.
Gold-backed exchange-traded funds (ETFs) reported net inflows of gold for the second straight month in June. With European funds leading the way, net gold holdings by ETFs globally increased by 17.5 tons last month. 
Is now a good time to get bullish on platinum? I’ve written a lot about the fact that silver appears to be underpriced given both technical factors and the supply and demand dynamics.
How do you safely and securely move billions of dollars worth of gold? Very quietly. De Nederlandsche Bank (the Dutch central bank) did just that, moving over 220 tons of gold coins and bars over 45 miles of public highway.
The rush to buy gold in Vietnam and Thailand hasn’t let up despite high prices and long lines. Last month, the Vietnamese government launched a scheme to drive gold prices lower.
Central banks continued to buy gold in May, but the pace slowed moderately with China at least temporarily out of the picture.

The volume of all the gold ever mined can occupy a cube 63 feet on each side.

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