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7 hours ago
New York (Feb 23)  Gold futures settled higher Friday as the dollar weakened, with bullion booking its second straight weekly gain, a day... Read More
7 hours ago
Mumbai-India (Feb 23)  Gold extended gains for yet another week at the bullion market with prices rising by another Rs 140 to Rs 34,590 per... Read More
1 day ago
New York (Feb 22)  Gold held steady on Friday, on course for its second straight weekly gain, with weak economic data from the United... Read More

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The year 2019 has started out with rallies in virtually everything—stocks, bonds, metals and even cryptocurrencies—as the spectre of a Friendly Fed has given rise to animal spirits of the most extreme nature.

On September 4th, 2018, we published an article forecasting that gold was about to start a strong rising trend. Please see: Gold’s Long-Term Trend: Up . At the time, gold was trading at 1206.70. Since then gold has risen to 1347.90. We presented several charts that...

Here are today's videos and charts:

It’s now been four months since the US Department of Justice secured a criminal guilty plea from the former trader from JPMorgan for spoofing and manipulating precious metals prices on the COMEX and three months since that plea was unsealed.

The gold miners’ stocks surged strongly this week, blasting to new upleg highs. The mounting gains are naturally driving more interest in this small contrarian sector, shifting sentiment towards bullish. Despite their accelerating rally, gold stocks still remain...

In the original (1960) classic movie The Magnificent Seven, a Western adaptation of Kurosawa's The Seven Samurai, Vin (Steve McQueen), tells the wry tale of a man who fell off a ten-story building. Passing each floor people heard him say, "So far, so good!"

Over in the gold patch things went from disinterested and downright antagonistic (A Notable Lack of Interest in Gold) to sleepy (Gold “Community” Crickets) to ferociously over bullish.

U.S. debt is now higher than the combined market value of the Fortune 500. The Fortune 500 list includes all the recognizable titans of American business from Apple to Amazon to Exxon-Mobil to the list’s ranking 500th spot, the uniform and laundry company Cintas....

Is a total collapse of the financial system next or will we see the globalists taking control of the world? Either way, the world is now at one of the most critical crossroads ever in history. Shakespeare expressed it eloquently in Julius Caesar: ...

It’s unimaginable what great progress China made in the last forty years. The rise of such economic power triggered many fears (or hopes) about the future international order. We invite you to read our today’s article about the rivalry between China and the US and...

The Year 2019 has started out with rallies in virtually everything – stocks, bonds, metals and even cryptocurrencies – as the spectre of a Friendly Fed has given rise to animal spirits of the most extreme nature. 

As Chairman Powell has been good at communicating the US central bank’s plans, the recent FOMC minutes do not contain too many surprises. In January, the Fed took investors by surprise, saying that it could be patient on interest rates.

There is an old Yiddish expression called a bubbe meise (pronounced my-seh). I guess the closest English interpretation of this expression would be a grandmother’s tale, or in the common vernacular, an old-wives' tale.

Why it’s time to get into gold – We’re on the cusp of “huge changes in the world” – “Massive impact on the price of the most enduring investment in history: GOLD” – “A gold shock is coming” and “$10k gold is not out of the question”

Wednesday's trading session was virtually flat, as investors hesitated following the recent run-up. Will the broad stock market continue higher despite some clear short-term technical overbought conditions?

Over the past few months, we've written frequently about palladium and the threat it poses to The Banks' Fractional Reserve and Digital Derivative Pricing Scheme. As palladium prices are continuing to rise, we thought it best to explain this dynamic again today.

America the beautiful? After fighting and winning two world wars, spending billions to resurrect Europe, sending a man into space and help create institutions like the World Trade Organization, America remains as the world’s leading super economic power. Yet, how...

Bond Market Turned Down & Interest Rates Up – Check! Housing Market Turned Down – Check! Stock Markets Turned Down—Check! Debt Crisis In Progress—Check! Currencies Collapse—More Coming?

Jim Willie interviews Mark O’Byrne of GoldCore about the slowly erupting Global Financial Crisis II and the importance of being financially prepared but also “psychologically prepared”

Below is the combo chart which has the HUI on top, the UUP in the middle and GLD on the bottom. Everything looks fine.

Our research has indicated that precious metals should be setting up for a period of rotation and sideways trading over the next 20~30 days.  We issued a research post on January 28, 2019 warning that precious metals would be consolidated over a 30~45 day period...

It is my privilege now to welcome in Dr. Chris Martenson of, and author of the book Prosper! How to Prepare for the Future and Create a World Worth Inheriting. Chris is a commentator and a range of important topics such as global economics,...

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China has only 2% of its Total Foreign Reserves in gold.