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19 hours ago
LONDON (Sept 25) - The dollar extended its gains on Friday and was on track for its best week since early April, while riskier currencies... Read More
1 day ago
London (Sept 25)  What does Thursday’s rally in gold, silver and platinum tell us? The answer lies within the price action and weakness of... Read More
1 day ago
New York (Sept 25)  The gold market continues to see some selling pressure even as the U.S. manufacturing sector struggles to find momentum... Read More

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Precious metals markets got clobbered early this week as gold and silver broke down from their high-level consolidations. Strength in the U.S. Dollar Index seemed to be the catalyst that got the selling going.  Once key technical levels got breached, the selling...

The gold miners’ stocks have just been hammered, plunging to new correction lows.  That shattered their indexes’ 50-day moving averages, pounding nails in the coffin of this sector’s recent high consolidation.  This necessary correction probably isn’t over yet.  It...

This article examines two inflationary experiences in the past in an attempt to predict the likely outcome of today’s monetary policies. The German hyperinflation of 1923 demonstrated that it took surprisingly little monetary inflation to collapse the purchasing...

Our “Measured Move” article suggests support near $1,945 will act as a launchpad for an upward price advance to levels near $2,150 or higher.  As the momentum of...

The life cycles of Chairpersons of the Federal Reserve resemble royals. For a few years they are closely watched, every word is analyzed, and they are treated as royalty—because they control the flow of fiat currency units. But after they have implemented...

For the time being, things are not looking good, my bull friends. The bearish trend in the gold market continues. As the chart below shows, we saw a significant selloff on Monday with gold prices decreasing from above $1,950 to $1,909. To make matters worse, the...

After taking it on the chin for the last six months, the U.S. dollar now looks set to rally. Gold is being dented, having recently traded back below $1,900. Meanwhile, the dollar is already up nearly 1.5% since the start of September. That's a big deal for the world...

Unfounded optimism is the basis of mental health. “We remain committed to using our tools to do what we can, for as long as it takes, to ensure that the recovery will be as strong as possible, and to limit lasting damage to the economy.”

Mining production? No. China’s consumer demand? No. The main drivers of gold prices are, as I’ve repeated many times, the U.S. dollar and real interest rates. You don’t believe it? You don’t have to – just look at the charts below.

While the COMEX digital metals remain in pullback and consolidation mode, the price action may seem eerily similar to some in the sector. Why? Because it IS least when compared to 2019.

In an ephemeral world, few things survive. I am not talking about species or human beings whose existence on earth is also transitory. Instead I am referring to social and financial systems which are now coming to an end.

The trading range on the HUI and other PM stock indexes continues its job of confusing both the bulls and bears alike. I’ve always said that trading an impulse move is much easier than trading during a consolidation phase. During a strong impulse move up it is easy...

In military terms, the phrase "locked and loaded" refers to "locking" a magazine or cartridge into a firearm and loading a round into the gun's chamber. A variant is to "lock the safety" and then load a magazine into the weapon.

As gold rallied into the $2000 round number resistance area, I asked investors to prepare for a pullback to my key buy zone at $1788. The daily gold chart. The pullback has been quite orderly.

The number of new daily infections in Europe is rapidly increasing, even reaching new heights in several countries. That is just another reminder that the second wave in fall or winter is upon us.

The Federal Reserve last week reiterated its commitment to an unprecedented inflation-raising campaign. Specifically, the Fed aims to push the inflation rate above 2% for an extended period.

So far, 2020 has been an incredible and challenging year for the many markets, and that does not exclude gold, arguably one of the most important and most valuable commodities in the world.

The best performing precious metal for the week ended September 18 was palladium, up 1.57 percent as hedge funds boosted their net-long position to the highest in six-months. Gold had a second weekly gain after the U.S. dollar steadied and investors weighed a...

The stock market hates uncertainty. That is the worst environment for stocks. Presidential Elections create enormous uncertainty. First, let’s consider the scenario where an Incumbent President is running for reelection.

SPX is still essentially basing until it gets above 3380. During this process, it must remain above 3330, or something else (to be determined) is taking place.

Per the wording in this week's title, to fundamentally find anything "negative" for Gold these days is a fool's game. Certainly so since price unwound from having gotten ahead of itself nine years ago.

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