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LONDON (April 19) The gold market was all over the place as the attack in Iran hit the newswires. However, we have since seen the market... Read More »
LONDON (April 19) Gold prices have shown resilience this week, inching up on Friday amidst heightened geopolitical tensions following an... Read More »
LONDON (April 19) The US Dollar Index (DXY), which tracks the US Dollar against a basket of six major currencies, eases and gives up... Read More »


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In case you've been living under a rock, Gold prices have been on fire, jumping 20% in just the past 2 months. That takes gold to a near-doubling since pre-pandemic, when it was meandering along at just $1500. Yesterday it closed above $2400.

As the Chinese accumulate more and more gold, they’re dumping U.S. Treasuries. That raises an important question: who is going to keep funding the federal government’s borrowing spree?

Who would have thought that those markets are connected? They are. All right, bitcoin is an alternative to fiat currencies, just like gold and silver are, but what about tech stocks? What could they have in common with the precious metals market?

Is there a generational opportunity coming to get into gold? And a discussion about a potential market correction…

A quite bizarre piece of news has recently hit the investor community which is not really being addressed by the financial media. I assume the reason that it's not being covered by the financial media is because it deals with a complex issue involving bank...

Here are today's videos and charts.

Gold’s powerful breakout in recent months has proven remarkable.  But the reason isn’t its fast vertical surge to impressive record heights.  This breakout rally is exceptional because gold’s usual drivers aren’t fueling it.  Big demand outside of normal channels is...

Year after year, and week after week, there is always a new way to examine gold price moves and decipher the obvious and not-so obvious forces which flow behind, ahead, above and below its monetary and, yes, metallic, move through time.

During the 2016 and 2020 campaigns, Trump's opponents in the Democratic party (and elsewhere) often pointed out that Trump's protectionism hobbles private markets and the economy overall.

Jordan Roy-Byrne, CMT, MFTA, of the Daily Gold shares his thoughts on gold’s recent price activity and where the yellow metal may be headed in 2024 and beyond. He also discusses his outlook for silver.

Miners spend billions of dollars every year pulling precious metals out of the ground. They toil mightily for years on end to produce these stores of value – but then they turn right around and sell all their gold and silver immediately in exchange for fiat...

Understanding gold tailwinds requires an understanding of debt forces and their impact on fiat currencies in general and the USD in particular.

We're back with part 2 of our interview with Jim Willie, where today he goes through his list of 20 reasons for the gold price breakout.

In a recent episode of the "Money Medals Midweek Memo," host Mike Maharrey offered an in-depth look at tax day experiences, precious metals markets, and broader economic issues. 

Is it too Late to Invest in Gold? Heck no it’s not! This move is still in the 1st inning and we have the data and charts to prove it.

Iran attacked Israel on Saturday with about 320 drones and missiles, but only a few got through the air defense system. The barrage was in retaliation for an Israeli strike on Iran’s consulate in Syria, which killed 13. It was Iran’s first strike on Israeli...

With gold and silver rallying while there's been a selloff in the bond market, today Dr. Jim Willie checks in to share his view on what's happening.

The best-performing precious metal for the past week was platinum, up 6.68%, followed by palladium up 4.82%. China raised its gold holdings for the 17th consecutive month at record prices, while India also added to its gold holdings.

Mainstream analysts are becoming more excited about gold… even as it becomes technically overbought on the daily and weekly price charts.

Gary Tanashian, editor and publisher of Notes From the Rabbit Hole ( discusses the current macro, the meaning of the breakout in Gold and why Gold and gold miners will really soar after the coming bust.

Thomas Parilla, President of Parilla Investment Group, joins the show to discuss the exciting developments in the gold and silver markets. Thomas shares insights on the recent surge in silver prices, the geopolitical tensions affecting the markets, and his...

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Due primarily to the California Gold Rush, San Francisco’s population exploded from 1,000 to 100,000 in only two years.
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