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Beijing (Jan 21)  There has been lots of talk from China over the last week about how the administration is looking to support the economy... Read More
EUROPEAN STOCKS CRASH ACROSS THE BOARD (Jan 21)* STOXX 600 set to end the week 0.9% lower* Supply snafus knock Siemens Energy wind unit;... Read More
London (Jan 21)  Gold (0.11%) and silver (0.18%) are trading higher leading into the European open. On Thursday gold slightly struggled at... Read More

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I am pretty confident that we are about to break the manipulation. Virtually every commodity has been going nuts to the upside up since March of last year, what possible reason has gold been stuck?
Intermediate decline in progress. I would even suggest that we are in the bloodbath phase, this is when you see selling panic hit from the traders. Perma-bears will come out and start making incorrect calls.
The Everything Bubble is bursting, and the Fed has barely even begun its war on inflation. Many top stocks are already in their own bear markets. Nvidia, way off its game, has lost 25% of its value from its last high score.

In spite of political infighting and a bipartisan reluctance for rubber stamping Biden’s spending agenda, the economy is contracting at a record pace. Holding down expenses at the expense of economic progress is getting more expensive, daily. The result is increasing unemployment, in spite of plentiful jobs and rising inflation, in spite of spending reluctance. This confluence of negative energies is generating...

According to recently released data by the World Gold Council (WGC), as of September 2021, the total amount of gold held in reserves by central banks globally exceeded 36,000 tons for the first time since 1990. This 31-year record was the result of the world’s central...
As today’s (Thursday’s) market activity shows, the bubble is still in force as US stock markets/sectors generally remain intact (for the most part, with some notable exceptions outside of the headliners, as certain table legs get kicked out). But gold is in a beautiful...
The bi-polar US Dollar, like so many market forces of late, is exhibiting some odd behavior. In recent interviews and reports discussing the year ahead, I specifically cited the movements of the bi-polar US Dollar as one of the most critical market signals to watch.
Gold Newsletter editor Brien Lundin today calls attention to a new report by Myrmikan Capital's Dan Oliver about the gold price that would be necessary for U.S. gold reserves to back the dollar at levels that once were traditional:
Doug Casey explains his latest views on the politicians, the central banks, gold and silver
The Ukraine situation it seems will worsen. The US president is using the usual threat of “trade sanctions or trade alienation” to both China and Russia. Russia wants talks on Ukraine.
Back in November, we noticed a surge in COMEX gold "Trade at Settlement" volume. This occurred at a time when total contract open interest and price were also rising, and it all preceded a sharp reversal in price two weeks later. This same scenario may now be playing...
“Inflation is too high,” admitted Lael Brainard during her nomination hearing in the Senate for the Vice Chair of the Fed. You don’t say, Governor Obvious! Indeed, the latest BLS report on inflation shows that consumer inflation rose 0.5% in December on a monthly basis...
If a nation of libertarians espousing gold as money can be viewed as the centre of the global politics spectrum, it’s painfully obvious that most of the world’s governments and political parties are far to the left of this mighty marker.
Over the past year, the Federal Reserve Note “dollar” has been losing value at an alarming pace as reflected by broad price level increases.
Those that read my analysis regularly know that I do not take general market fundamentals or news into account when I analyze the stock market. The main reason is that I view that which drives fundamentals as being the same as that which drives market price. However,...
Being the first weekly missive of 2022, I want to touch upon an Email Alert I sent out to subscribers on New Year’s Day where I discussed the “First Five Days” segment of “The January Barometer”, an indicator developed by the late Yale Hirsch (with whom I had dinner...
Rick Rule joins us to describe the conditions that he believes will launch the next phase of the silver & gold bull market. Rick also likes oil and natural gas investments right now.
China has cut their interest rate today. This was on expected lines. I do not see any significant impact on gold and silver and copper.
The intermediate top in the US Dollar looks to have been achieved. The US Dollar market is doing the opposite of what logic dictates. The problem is of course is that the Dollar has been pricing this in for several months.
According to many commentators on the markets, we stand at the cusp of a major change in US and global markets and therefore in the condition of the US and the global economies. A look at the longer term charts of some key US markets opens a window on the possibilities...
There seems to be an almost fanatical obsession with ‘fortune telling’ when it comes to the financial markets. Gold is no exception.
The volume of all the gold ever mined can occupy a cube 63 feet on each side.
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