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LONDON (June 13) The US Dollar (USD) trades overall in the green against most peers on Thursday, making the US Dollar Index (DXY) trade in... Read More »
LONDON (June 13) Spot gold retreated on Thursday following the Federal Reserve’s decision to indicate only one interest rate cut this year... Read More »
NEW YORK (June 12) The gold market is struggling to hold the line at $2,350 an ounce as the Federal Reserve continues to pare down its... Read More »


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Strike up the band and wave the victory banners! Inflation is dead! Or is it? The May Consumer Price Index (CPI) report was cause for optimism. But price inflation is like that stubborn weed in the driveway. Just when you think you’ve killed it for good, it pokes...

When most people think of juniors, they think about exploration companies and drill plays. The appeal of these stocks is their huge upside potential. One drill hole can change everything and make you rich.

Headlines like this have been pummeling the monetary metals sector in recent days: "Gold Is Getting So Expensive That Even China's Central Bank Stopped Buying."

Chris recently sat down with Aaron Hoddinott on Pinnacle Digest’s podcast. Topics covered the gamut from how a high school trading/investing project changed the course of his life to blowing up his trading account while learning the do’s and don’ts to the Asset-Revesting style that he developed and uses now.

Upping the ante following the initial weaponization of the dollar in 2022, the United States and a number of allied nations have agreed in principle to begin distributing profits on seized Russian assets to Ukraine.

Most people don't understand the enormity of the national debt, the amount of government spending, or the size of the monthly deficits. As a result, they come up with all kinds of absurd "solutions" to the problem.

In recent years we've seen gold and silver flow to the east. And as Vince Lanci talks about in this morning's show, that's set to continue going forward.

Most gold bugs agree that owning gold feels fantastic… on days when the price is up. Recent key reports and events have brought increased volatility to the market, and this has surprised a lot of investors.

Gold is misunderstood, but the misunderstanding is related to things more complex and nuanced than simple “sentiment” on any given time frame within the very long-term.

The best performing precious metal for the week was palladium, up 0.56%. According to CIBC, Agnico highlighted operational improvements related to the recently commissioned Shaft 4, improvements related to mining methods, and high-grade opportunities in the South...

In the late 1960s Edmund Phelps and Milton Friedman challenged the popular view that there can be a sustainable trade-off between inflation and unemployment. In fact, over time, according to PF, loose central bank policies set the platform for lower economic growth...

American Compass, a think tank promoting a conservatism lacking even a rhetorical commitment to free markets, recently called for Republicans to support tax increases. The organization claims a GOP embrace of higher taxes will enable the uniparty’s left (Democratic...

Gold has broken out against Oil and is inches from breaking out against equal weighted Commodities index. It has already crushed Bonds. Is the stock market next?

What a (-n absolutely unsurprising) big slide in gold. I’ve been writing about the link to the 2011 double-top for some time now, and I’ve been emphasizing the back-and-forth nature of the correction.

Gold crashed through several support levels on Friday. The yellow metal plunged from $2,376 Thursday to under $2,300 by Friday afternoon.

If I hear that gold is a hedge against inflation or a hedge against market weakness again, I think my head is going to explode.  Oooops.  Too late.  I just saw an article claiming that “[b]earish signs in the stock market indicate it's a good time to hedge...

Those who think the wizards at the Fed have engineered a soft landing for the grotesquely pumped U.S. economy are in for a rude awakening. Strip out the “wealth effect” from mega-cap stocks driven mostly by hot air and short covering, and the economy is already in...

We're going to have a major buying opportunity, but we are at the top of an intermediate cycle, starting the declining phase of that intermediate cycle.

The fiat money system will not disappear just like that. Any expectations or hopes to that end should be tempered. Yes, the fiat money system could collapse; yet there is a significant likelihood it will persist longer than most people might think. This prolonged...

Precious Metals were slammed on Friday. Gold lost over 3% while Silver lost nearly 7% and the miners were down ~7%.

Data released on Friday shows that the People's Bank of China did not add to its gold reserves in May, following a streak of 18 consecutive months of increases.

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In 1934 President Franklin Delano Roosevelt devalued the dollar by raising the price of gold to $35 per ounce.
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