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NEW YORK (July 12) The dollar index experienced a significant sell-off yesterday, after US inflation data has softened more than expected,... Read More »
NEW YORK (July 12) Gold steadied after surging beyond $2,400 an ounce in the previous session, as cooler-than-expected US inflation boosted... Read More »
NEW YORK(July 12) Gold prices surged to a record high in mid-May, driven by robust safe haven and hedge fund purchases.This rally has been... Read More »


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The United States is facing an increasingly unsustainable fiscal future. The steady increase in the federal deficit from 2018 to 2023 highlights a worrying trend, especially when considered alongside similar fiscal challenges faced by other developed nations. This...

The gold miners’ stocks are surging again, breaking out from recent months’ consolidation.  This strong mid-summer price action is confirming their interrupted upleg is still growing.  It should have a long way to run yet, with gold stocks still quite undervalued...

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Chris recently sat down with Aaron Hoddinott on Pinnacle Digest’s podcast. Topics covered the gamut from how a high school trading/investing project changed the course of his life to blowing up his trading account while learning the do’s and don’ts to the Asset-Revesting style that he developed and uses now.

The gold stocks are leading Gold and signaling the next leg higher. The GDX to Gold and GDXJ to Gold ratios are breaking out and approaching new 52-week highs. GDXJ to GDX ratio is in bull mode.

Gold-backed exchange-traded funds (ETFs) reported net inflows of gold for the second straight month in June. With European funds leading the way, net gold holdings by ETFs globally increased by 17.5 tons last month. 

To gain a comprehensive understanding of the mechanics of the gold wholesale market, it's essential to be familiar with its key building blocks: swaps, leases, and forwards. In this article, we will explore these components and their interactions to be better...

"Will Debt Sink the American Empire?" So asks the Wall Street Journal, in an uncharacteristically gloomy article for the bull market's paper of record.

In the latest episode of the Money Metals Midweek Memo, host Mike Maharrey provides a comprehensive overview of Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell's recent testimony and delves into the investment potential of platinum.

ING just issued its mid-year gold report card. That offers some promising news for precious metals investors. As even after a record-setting first half of the year for the gold price, ING expects the rally to continue through the end of 2024.

Our Guest today is Yvonne Blaszczyk, President and CEO of BMG. Let's start off with the BRICS Nations. Do you think they'll be successful at what they'll be doing, and how will this affect the precious metals market?

Gold finished last week strongly after the US jobs report was released. It’s soft again ahead of the key CPI and PPI inflation reports (scheduled for Thursday and Friday).

Modern monetary theory (MMT) is not convincing to most trained economists of various schools of thought. This causes many to balk at MMT and mock it, some of which is warranted as a reductio ad absurdum, especially given some of MMT’s more outlandish claims. In fact...

Is now a good time to get bullish on platinum? I’ve written a lot about the fact that silver appears to be underpriced given both technical factors and the supply and demand dynamics.

Vince Lanci discusses most recent technical action in Gold & Silver, the return of big money macro buyers in recent days, and his buying more GDX on the back of the breakout in the advance/decline line.

With the collapse of the Western financial and political systems now happening before our eyes, wealth preservation takes on a totally different meaning. 

The best performing precious metal for the past week was silver, up 6.60%. Montage Gold announced their 2024 short-term incentive plan which highlights the aligned interests of the management and the shareholders to drive forward the Koné project's construction and...

If Gold and Silver continue to hold $2290 and $29, then there is a good chance of fireworks in the second half of 2024.

Our guest today is Roger Rosmus, the CEO of Goliath Resources, who will talk about everything that's happening in the market, gold, silver, and the economy.

How do you safely and securely move billions of dollars worth of gold? Very quietly. De Nederlandsche Bank (the Dutch central bank) did just that, moving over 220 tons of gold coins and bars over 45 miles of public highway.

If you ask average investors what the best-performing asset class is year-to-date, the vast majority of them would get it wrong. The correct answer isn’t stocks, but rather precious metals (led by silver).

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Pure gold is so soft that a strong man can squeeze it and shape it.
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