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NEW YORK (February 27) Strategists at Commerzbank have lowered their Gold price forecast for the end of the year by $50 to $2,100.
LONDON (February 27) Gold prices are experiencing a modest rebound on Tuesday, bolstered by a dip in the U.S. dollar and Treasury yields.... Read More »
LONDON (February 27) Gold price (XAG/USD) exhibits strength against the US Dollar in Tuesday’s European session on hopes that the Federal... Read More »


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According to JP Morgan, gold has remained more resilient than expected over the recent Federal Reserve repricing, prompting them to mark their 1H24 forecasts modestly higher.

Gold price still disappointing speculators, but it’s doing as it should do.

In this critically important Gold Matters discussion, VON GREYERZ principals, Egon von Greyerz and Matthew Piepenburg, place the enormous risks of the current U.S. equity bubble within the much-needed context of unprecedented global economic factors.

Chris discusses all things stock market, thoughts on where gold is headed, and if silver is overdue for a rocketship-style move...

Vince Lanci from GoldFix and Echo Bay Futures joins us to discuss the state of the current Gold market, why it’s holding above $2000 and the similarities to the start of the 1970s.

Towards the end of last week gold was being bought, while silver was being sold. And in this morning's market primer Vince Lanci looks at what happened last week in the gold and silver markets, and covers the news to get you ready for the trading week.

After moving higher on Friday, the gold price disappoints today. What’s going on? Which move is real?

Net central bank gold buying exceeded 1,000 tons two straight years, and commodity analysts at ANZ Bank expect central bank gold demand to continue hot for at least the next six years.

Gold continues to hold above $2000/oz, but the gold stocks, which have failed to get any traction, grind lower as the stock market surges.

Among the major fiat currencies in the world today, the U.S. dollar is “the best of the worst.” What that means is that there are no better alternatives.

Wars and inflation will lead to a major shift into GOLD by Central Banks, the BRICS  as well as for wealth preservation purposes.

So much for the wall of worry!  Optimists and visionaries supposedly climb it while ignoring troublesome signs that leave most investors on the sidelines, paralyzed with fear.

Adrian Day, the founder of Adrian Day Asset Management, returns to the show, and he shares his expert insights on the looming challenges in the commercial real estate sector, emphasizing the significant risks posed by foreign banks, particularly German and Japanese...

Gold’s weekly parabolic trend a week ago flipped from Long to Short. We continue to look for Gold to work lower, protected more broadly by the 2020-1936 structural support zone. 

Coming up in a moment is the first part of a two-part interview with monetary and constitutional expert Edwin Vieira. Edwin breaks down the incredible story of how America went from sound money system to a centrally planned government money system. You’ll want to...

This week on Thursday and Friday, the Dow Jones in its BEV chart below made its 20th & 21st BEV Zero of the rally.  A rally that began last November when it closed in scoring position, a close above its -5% line, and the Dow Jones has stayed there since.

According to the latest Consumer Price Index (CPI) data, prices rose by 3.1 percent over the last year. Based on my own experience at my local shopping center, that seems low.

We are seeing something in the gold market that we haven't seen in 5 years, and the last time it happened, gold climbed from $1,167 to $2,090 - a near doubling - in less than two years.

Here are today's videos and charts.

Last weekend we noted that the US stock market was due for a correction. And boy did it get one (sarcasm alert)! All of 1.5% before Nvidia’s in the bag results re-rallied the risk ‘on’ contingent and thus, the stock market. With most of the indexes making new highs...

Could restoring a depleted stash of critical minerals help to bolster security of supply, while also assisting in the energy transition? US recognition of the importance of critical minerals goes back over 100 years.

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Pure gold is non-toxic when ingested.
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