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NEW YORK (Sept 26) Economic woes continue to weigh on oil prices, with Brent and WTI off around 1% again today and trading at pre-invasion... Read More
NEW YORK (Sept 26) The gold market continues to struggle in the face of unprecedented strength in the U.S. dollar; however, a new report... Read More
NEW YORK (Sept 23)  the POG is hammered down $25 to $1643 in early trading global stocks continue declining.GOLD-EAGLEnews

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As predicted, the dollar grows stronger while gold goes in the opposite direction. Can we expect a temporary correction next? It’s happening! The massive upswing in the USD Index and the slide in the precious metals market are here.
Adam Taggart from Wealthion and the Economic Ninja join the show to discuss interest rates, the car repo crisis, precious metals, the Housing Market, Layoffs across the US, and more!
The move away from fossil-fuel-powered vehicles to EVs run on batteries is happening in almost every country. Governments are spending billions on EV charging infrastructure and subsidies to incentivize consumers to switch to hybrids and plug-in electric cars, vans and...

My educated guess is Gold & Silver will begin a volatile breakout move, possibly rolling lower to retest support near...

Precious metals markets are trying to hang tough this week despite another large rate hike by the Federal Reserve… that was at least the line as of yesterday’s close.
With the wild markets action after the Fed hike of 75 basis points, our huge cash levels of 50 to 70% in all of our portfolios continues to be the winning play.  We have some potentially very good candlestick and moving average signals for the miners, especially with...
The war in Ukraine has entered its seventh month and some people believe that China is gearing up for a war with Taiwan. Will bulls invade the gold market?
The left-for-dead gold miners’ stocks are literally trading at stock-panic levels today!  But they’ve been slammed to extreme lows in recent months on a false premise.  Traders assume gold’s parallel plunge must be fundamentally-righteous.  But that was driven by...
Steve Penny, The Silver Chartist, returns to the show to talk about his latest prediction on the Silver price. Furthermore, we talk about a critical breakout in the Nominal yield on the 10-year Treasury, Rate Hikes, US National debt, and the risk-Reward ratio on the...
We have dedicated numerous articles and interviews addressing the dangerous strength of the USD on the heels of a deliberately hawkish Fed hiking rates into what is clearly a recession, official or otherwise.

While there's increasing attention placed on the benefits of owning physical precious metals, what doesn't get as much discussion are the tax policies surrounding gold and silver investing.

One of the most important things for investors and traders is to keep in mind what the overall larger trend is. In this video, Gary Savage analyzes the trends in stocks and commodities.
Gold is breaking down technically. There’s no denying it. Gold has already closed at a fresh 52-week and 2-year low in daily and weekly terms. It needs to close above $1715 at the end of the month to negate a monthly breakdown.
Ladies and gentlemen, please take your seat and fasten your seat belt, as we’re approaching the FOMC meeting and there could be some turbulence! Actually, gold has already entered an area of turbulence and has declined below the psychologically important level of $1,...
With a Federal Reserve meeting this Tuesday and Wednesday, where they're largely expected to raise the Fed funds rate either 75 or 100 basis points, the bigger question is how far the Fed will ultimately take rates.
Will Jay Powell be “less hawk than expected” on Wednesday? Will there be a huge stock market rally to celebrate his return to a dovish stance for markets?
Consumer prices have been on a tear, since early last year. Right now, the Consumer Price Index (CPI) is rising at more than 8% per year.
When the gold price declines or doesn’t go up according to expectations, analysts and investors begin looking for explanations. As the price drops further, claims are made that gold is undervalued.
In Part II of this two-part interview with Michelle Makori of Kitco News, Matterhorn Asset Management principal Matthew Piepenburg addresses a range of ongoing shifts in a global financial system forever altered by Western sanctions against Putin.
The best performing precious metal for the week was silver, up 4.11%. Deal flow for the royalty sector remains strong, with increased complexity in deal investment structures, partly due to intense competition between royalty companies for quality assets, and $1.2...
A year ago at this time, there were few analysts who thought the Fed would be raising interest rates any time soon. And I'm not sure if there were any that expected the Fed would be raising rates as aggressively has they have.
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Palladium, platinum and silver are the most common substitutes for gold that closely retain its desired properties.
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