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Morris Hubbartt

Precious Metals Analyst

Morris Hubbartt is the creator of proprietary timing models in the Superforce Signals, Superforce 60 Trading Service. He is senior vice president, General Manager and as Co-Owner of a concrete manufacturing company since 1985. He is also sole proprietor of SFS Newsletter Services that specializes in volume analysis of the gold & silver markets. His website is at

Morris Hubbartt Articles

Here are today's videos and charts.
The gold market correction continues although there are some nice air brake candlesticks, especially in the silver stocks.
The Fed minutes put a damper on the markets, but not on our huge cash positions in our SGS portfolios (all in USD). The candlestick action on silver bullion is impressive and we're stepping into the market to buy a position with stoploss.
Here are today's videos and charts.
Here are today's videos and charts.
We've been aggressive profit bookers for the flagship SGS gold and silver stocks portfolio. We are loaded with cash, and ready to buy a deep correction, which hasn't happened yet.
Here are today's videos and charts.
Another wild week comes to an end. The US jobs report is being released on the Good Friday holiday, and Trump is facing charges. Our nation is in a dangerous spot with all the debt and war.
Here are today's videos and charts.
It's been a wild week with gold soaring to $2000, correcting hard, then soaring again, but the big story this week is silver, while barely sold off at all with gold down $70 and is now at another fresh high for the week!

Pure gold is non-toxic when ingested.

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