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It was another volatile night for gold, silver, and copper, as all 3 of the metals surged higher on the open in the far east, before declining lower throughout the night.
We had the rally, and we had the selloff. But now gold, silver, and the miners are rallying again, and in today's show, Vince explains why.
Now that we've finally seen a correction following a torrid 2 month rally in the gold and silver market, Vince Lanci explains how the battle around $2300 in gold is starting now.
For years there was a tight correlation between US interest rates and gold, as when the yield went higher, gold would trade lower and vice versa. But in the past 2 years we've seen a breakdown in that relationship.
With gold and silver prices stabilizing after a furious 2 month rally, the market's shifting its attention to the earnings out of the miners.
We're finally seeing the first significant correction in the gold and silver prices since the latest rally began, and sure enough the gaslighting about gold is out in full force.
Another day, another new all-time high in gold. As well as another dollar higher in silver. Maybe this is a little bit what it felt like to own Bitcoin over the past few years?
There was another hotter than expected CPI report yesterday, which normally would have sent gold and silver prices lower. As any inflationary readings would suggest the Federal Reserve would be less likely to lower interest rates sooner...
In the middle of a period where the gold and silver markets have been trading in a manner unlike what many have seen over the past 20 years, Sunday night's open in the far east was another shocker.
In recent days we've seen divergence between the precious metals and stocks, a rise in bond yields, and continued worries that inflation is headed higher again. Which has Bloomberg warning of a stock market crash similar to 2007-2008, that...

India is perennially the world’s largest gold consumer.

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