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Mark Mead Baillie

Market Analyst & Author

Mark Mead Baillie

Mark Mead Baillie has had an extensive business career beginning in banking and financial services for two years with Banque Nationale de Paris to corporate research for three years at Barclays Bank and then for six years as an analyst and corporate lender with Société Générale.
For the last 22 years he has expanded his financial expertise by creating his own financial services company, de Meadville International, which comprehensively follows his BEGOS complex of markets (Bond/Euro/Gold/Oil/S&P) and the trading of the futures therein. He is recognized within the financial community of demonstrating creative technical skills that surpass industry standards toward making highly informed market assessments and his work is featured in Merrill Lynch Wealth Management client presentations.  He has adapted such skills into becoming the popular author each week of the prolific “The Gold Update” and is known in the financial website community as “mmb” and “deMeadville”.
Mr. Baillie holds a BS in Business from the University of Southern California and an MBA in Finance from Golden Gate University.

Mark Mead Baillie Articles

We start with this from the “Pat on the Back Dept.”  Per the prior missive penned a week ago (“Another Gold All-Time High is Nigh”), ’twas therein stated that Gold (then 2420) was exhibiting sufficiently daily trading range such that one...
One week ago we herein opened with this query:  “Is Gold’s near-term correction completed?”  Given the yellow metal’s upside price action since then, we can now answer in the affirmative, (which for you WestPalmBeachers down there means “...
Is Gold’s near-term correction completed?  If so, it lasted 16 trading days spanning from the recent All-Time High of 2449 (12 April) down to 2285 (04 May), a loss of -164 points or -6.7%.
Not to overly dwell — let alone predict — by subject title, however if we search our recollect (thank you Ken Starr), was it not by this time a year ago that we’d witnessed a few banks go?
Per a tongue-in-cheek note this past week to our StateSide Investors’ Roundtable, we apologized for single-handedly having “crashed” the precious metals’ markets with last Saturday’s missive (“Gold Fit to Pull Back a Bit”) following which...
Two missives back we penned “Gold ‘Overbought’ is Great!” and so ’tis been.  These past couple of months have finally seen a long overdue repricing of Gold from some three years of being range-bound in the 1700-2000 zone to now up through...
This past Tuesday 09 April at precisely 07:15 GMT, Gold tapped our 2375 forecast high for this year.  As we reminded you valued readers a week ago, such call made back on 30 December was couched as “conservative”.
We’ve penned it before, so let’s pen it again: “Gold when technically overbought [as clearly now ’tis] might actually be considered a good thing … [as] great bull markets (or the resumption thereof) do breakout as such.”
Welcome one and all to the 750th consecutive Saturday edition of The Gold Update.  Having missed nary a Saturday since our first missive (20 November 2009) with Gold then 1151, price since has nearly doubled (+94%), toward settling this...
Gold recorded another series of fresh All-Time Highs this past week in eclipsing the 2203 level (from 08 March) in a swift run up to 2225 on Thursday before coming off (as we’ve written “expectedly”) in settling yesterday (Friday) at 2167...

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