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October 21, 2023

Our proprietary cycle indicator is UP. Expect higher gold prices overall. Our ratio is on a buy signal. Trend is UP for USD. Trend is UP for gold stocks. Trend is UP for gold.

October 20, 2023

Gold trading above $10,000 and silver near $300 is where President of Financial Sense Wealth Management, James Puplava sees prices later this decade, according to his Big Picture Update titled: Unsustainable.

The major gold miners’ soon-to-be-reported Q3 profits are poised to skyrocket.  Gold stocks’ imminent earnings season detailing last quarter has high potential to achieve record profits growth for this sector.  Much-higher prevailing gold prices coupled with lower...

Here are today's videos and charts.

Egon von Greyerz joins his dear friends and Matterhorn Asset Management advisors, Grant Williams and Ronnie Stoeferle, to address the unique risks—economic, geopolitical, military—making headlines at an alarming rate.

According to popular thinking, the definition of money is flexible. Sometimes the money supply could be M1 (currency and demand deposits); at other times it could be M2 (all of M1, plus savings deposits, time deposits, and money market funds) or some other M....

October 19, 2023

The price of gold soared once again yesterday, but there are important signs suggesting that this rally is close to being over.

Money supply growth fell again in August, remaining deep in negative territory after turning negative in November 2022 for the first time in twenty-eight years. August's drop continues a steep downward trend from the unprecedented highs experienced during much of...

What a bloody mess! Well, economic collapses and wars always are. But sadly it will become a lot messier! We now have two dangerous wars, maybe we will have a global war. We have a coming collapse of stock markets and debt markets and a banking system which probably...

Gold put in a low less than two weeks ago, which was followed by a gap up and a stealth rally. Then it exploded last Friday past $1940/oz. When considering technicals and the Gold CoT, a sentiment indicator, there is some reason to believe in an important bottom.

The big news over the past week and a half has been the new conflict in the Middle East following the attack on Israel. And in the days since the attack, the situation has hardly de-escalated, while the financial markets have begun to respond.

Adrian Day, the founder of Adrian Day Asset Management, returns to the show as we discuss the fragility of the world economy amidst the ongoing wars in the Middle East and the possibility of a global economic slowdown.

October 18, 2023

Gold had a really big up day on Friday and the central question for investors in gold silver and Precious Metals stocks is whether this was just a “flash in the pan” move that will not lead to anything significant or whether it marks the start of a much larger move...

Amid escalating conflict in the Middle East and its oversold condition, Gold surged higher last Friday to nearly $1945/oz.

The best performing precious metal for the week was gold, up 5.22%. Gold in China jumped to trade at the second-highest premium on record against the international benchmark, as mainland markets reopened following the Golden Week holiday.

October 17, 2023

The 2021-2025 war cycle is intensifying with a new war involving Gaza and Israel. Will it push gold to record highs? Yes, it could, but other key drivers like US rates and Asian physical demand need to be supportive for any gold price rally to have barnburner...

“Gold needs weak economic data as a catalyst to push prices higher…” trumpeted a headline this past weekend. In a similar vein is the oft stated claim that “a recession is good for gold”

Gary Wagner, the editor of, joins the show, and we discuss the current global unrest and financial instability. Gary sheds light on the rising tensions, the ongoing debt bubble, and how it all intertwines with the future of gold and silver.

In this video we update support and resistance levels for Gold & Silver, following Friday’s upside explosion. We also cover targets for GDX & GDXJ.

The crisis playing out in the Middle East has profound strategic and humanitarian implications, but what does it mean for investors, particularly those holding or considering gold and other precious metals that typically attract safe-haven demand?

Inflation, the Fed, interest rates, Russia/Ukraine war, Israeli/Hamas/Hezbollah war, Iran, China, North Korea, housing, earnings, oil, politics, bank instability, unemployment, US Dollar, etc. Did I forget anything?

October 16, 2023

The situation in the Middle East is getting worse, and we’re likely moments away from a full-blown military operation. What’s gold likely to do? In short, gold is likely to rally, but that is not the full or most useful reply.

The reshaping of the world economy and the global (political) order is in full swing. It is a long process, the concrete outcome of which is uncertain in advance and associated with numerous imponderables.

Finally, a rally in gold that looks capable of leaving the $2000 barrier in the dust! This one is being pushed not only by the threat of escalated conflict in the Middle East, but by the dawning realization that a strong dollar and rising interest rates are about to...

October 15, 2023

With the action seen into last week, Gold has turned sharply back to the upside - with the metal having been anticipated to form a low into the 'kill zone' turn, which was identified in our Gold Wave Trader report as the October 9th date, plus or minus.

Now before we all get too excited out there about Gold having yesterday (Friday) posted its largest one-day net gain since 17 March by both percentage +3.4% and points +64, let us acknowledge that price is right where ’twas a mere 14 trading days ago on 26 September...

Gold and silver markets held firm early in the week and now appear to be surging, despite volatility ramping up on Thursday. A hotter than expected inflation report helped trigger a spike in bond yields and a selloff in stocks.

This article views the gold stock sector’s big picture bullish situation from the standpoint of a single indicator, the HUI/Gold ratio and its relationship to the 30 year Treasury bond yield.

The Dow Jones advanced a bit this week, bouncing off its BEV -10% line.  With things happening in Israel and the Gaza Strip, one would think the Dow Jones should have gone down.  I still expect the next significant level to be crossed by the Dow Jones below will be...

October 14, 2023

Gold sector cycle is up. Trend is now up for gold and gold stocks. We are cost averaging in.

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