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July 17, 2023

Join us today Greg Foss, and we delve into the world of gold, silver, and hard assets. Discover the driving forces behind the current prices and why owning precious metals and Bitcoin can serve as protection against currency debasement.

After a sell over the past 2 months in gold and silver, the metals have rallied over the past 2 days, with lower consumer and producer price inflation reports providing the spark.

July 16, 2023

On the off chance you somehow missed this past Monday’s early morning tweet (@deMeadvillePro) with Gold then wallowing about in the 1920s, here ’tis: “Gold’s ‘Baby Blues’ have confirmed moving above their -80% axis, indicative of higher price levels near-term; a run...

A potentially pivotal week of trading is seeing precious metals markets push higher. The main catalyst is a breakdown in the U.S. Dollar Index. On Thursday, the dollar slid to its lowest level in more than a year versus a basket of foreign currencies.

At week’s close, the Dow Jones is looking good. Looking good as it has for the past eight months (Red Circle), just short of breaking into scoring position, having a BEV value of -4.99% or less, but advancing no more. Are the bulls worried about something as they...

July 15, 2023

Our proprietary cycle indicator is UP. GLD is on short term buy signal. GDX is on short term buy signal. is on short term buy signal. GDXJ is on short term buy signal.

July 14, 2023

Here are today's videos and charts.

The gold miners’ stocks surged back mid-week after a major Fed-dovish inflation report.  The latest US consumer-price-index read came in cooler than expected, continuing this past year’s disinflation trend.  That lowered Fed-rate-hike odds, slamming the US dollar. ...

Gold has successfully tested its 150-day moving average roughly three months before every major breakout. In recent weeks, Gold tested its 150-day moving average. We cover the history in this video.

Gold silver and PM stocks staged a major breakout yesterday as the dollar cratered to signal the onset of a major devaluation as its loss of reserve currency status becomes a physical reality.

July 13, 2023

How long will he tilt at the inflationary windmill? A hawkish Fed has been the US dollar’s ally since tardily taking up the fight against the “transitory” inflation over a year ago. The June CPI report was yet another indication that the Fed is tardy once again,...

From the center of the continental United States to the middle of Australia is 9,241 miles. It’s a little further from London to Sydney—about 10,572 miles. But in economic matters—the laws of economics being both immutable and universal—the distances between the...

Most precious metals advocates are aware that gold and silver have been used as money for thousands of years. Yet the actual history of gold and silver as money in the US can be a complex topic, with different interpretations of what the constitution states, and how...

The advance decline line as of the start of the week was showing a positive divergence. There was a similar positive divergence in the advance decline line at the October 2022 and March 2023 lows in gold stocks.

I think I've got enough confirmation now the intermediate cycle low is in for gold. I warned people several times the cartel was trying to keep gold suppressed at 940, and I warned people you need to get into full positions before the breakout above 1940, so anybody...

July 12, 2023

Gold and USD Index are always connected – the former can’t break from the currency it’s priced in. And right now, that provides us with extra clues. Things are very exciting on the USD Index front. Yes, it’s declining, and yes, it’s excitingly… Bullish.

Valuations are stretched, earnings are poised to fall, inflation is still too high, interest rates are higher to be seen, and everyone and their grandmother are expecting a recession. (Now, to be honest, constantly changing the definition of ‘recession’ for...

It's been a quiet start to the week in the financial markets, as the attention remains focused on Wednesday's CPI report. Which will be the last one before the Federal Reserve's July meeting.

Hugh Hendry, Founder of Eclectica Macro, comes back to the show to discuss the current state of the economy, including the recession being called from Germany to New Zealand, the turmoil in the markets, and the uncertainty surrounding the Federal Reserve's policies...

In today's video I'm going to look at the dollar and pretty much what I've been suggesting or predicting that is going to happen, is happening.

July 11, 2023

There is an ominous signal within the precious metals complex which warns that gold may form a significant multi-year top within the next 12 – 18 months. This does not mean one should abandon the sector altogether, as holding some gold is always prudent as an...

Recession Outlook 

The recession I've been expecting is taking far longer to materialize than envisio

For the past two weeks, US interest rates have rocketed higher… yet gold has basically traded sideways. This is one of many signs of underlying strength in the gold market.  

Gold caught a break on Friday with the weaker-than-expected change in nonfarm payrolls, perhaps taking some pressure off the Federal Reserve to hike rates again. China, for an eighth consecutive month, has added to its gold reserves.

Stefan Gleason, Money Metals president and director of the Sound Money Defense League, joined Tom Bodrovics on Palisades Gold Radio to discuss state and federal legislative efforts in 2023, particularly efforts remove all taxation from the purchase, sale, and use of...

Will the rich and powerful own everything when the global financial system collapses from too much debt? Supposedly, “they” have been plotting and preparing for this all along — even getting a new money system ready to make the takeover complete.

As tensions with Russia and China escalate, the so-called BRICS countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa) are preparing to strike a blow against U.S. dollar hegemony.

A few weeks ago Jim Rickards wrote a column that stated that the BRICS nations would be launching a gold-backed currency at their meeting on August 22. He was the first one to publicly report this, but now there's a report from RT (Russia Today network) that is also...

July 10, 2023

GOLD AT $4000? For that to happen will require something almost unbelievable – if you expect gold to be at $4000 anytime soon, that is. The problem with most predictions for higher gold prices is that they fail to account for the financial and economic turmoil that...

Over nine weeks have passed since the last peak in gold. During this time, gold prices have fallen by 8.4%, from USD 2,067 down to USD 1,893. While the initial wave of this correction was fairly decisive, market participants have been increasingly deceived by a...

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