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February 27, 2023

Dave Kranzler is back with his bi-weekly report, and this week he takes a bit of a different turn.

In my last video I noted that pretty much everything is in an intermediate decline,  so we're in that period that separates the men from the boys, and the people that consistently donate money to the market and those that consistently earn money from the market.

February 26, 2023

With but two trading days remaining to complete this year's second month -- a year which finds Gold repeatedly being hyped to the heavens -- price is actually now -0.7% for 2023 in settling out this past week yesterday (Friday) at 1818, not having had (as yet) an up...
“Diamonds are forever,” according to the jewelry industry. That may be a slight exaggeration, yet diamonds will certainly outlive you and whomever you give them to.
Last week, we wondered whether the Dow Jones would next cross its BEV -5% or -10% lines. This week we know – it closed below its BEV -10% line, and that isn’t good for the bulls.

February 25, 2023

Gold and silver markets drifted lower again this week as investors braced for additional Fed rate hikes to come.
Our proprietary cycle indicator is DOWN. Gold sector cycle is down. Trend is up. A correction is in progress.

February 24, 2023

The Fed minutes put a damper on the markets, but not on our huge cash positions in our SGS portfolios (all in USD). The candlestick action on silver bullion is impressive and we're stepping into the market to buy a position with stoploss.
Gold’s sharp selloff this month has been driven by a confluence of factors.  Entering February short-term overbought, a couple surprise events ignited big gold-futures selling.  Then the US futures regulator failed to report speculators’ positioning, breaking the...
Enough is enough. No market can decline without correcting every now and then. And both gold and the USDX point to an upcoming reversal. Let’s start with gold.
Gold’s winter rebound thwarted a 2013-like scenario. However, the sharp February selloff and nasty monthly candles reflect no bull market yet. Gold is stuck but remains in a larger handle consolidation within a super-bullish cup and handle pattern.
The Fed has recently released the hypothetical scenarios for its 2023 supervisory stress test. This test is conducted annually to show how the banks are likely to perform in a recessionary environment. The results of this test under the "supervisory severely adverse...

February 23, 2023

On the heels of overwhelming votes to remove all taxes from purchases of precious metals in Mississippi, legislators in Vermont have introduced a measure to curtail the controversial tax in their own state.
This video provides a discussion of gold rallies and how to get the optimum investment timing to make profits.

February 22, 2023

When it comes to technical analysis I subscribe to the KISS philosophy: Keep It Simple, Stupid! The more complex it gets, the more the study of charts and price patterns loses its usefulness, in my opinion.
Trading Recommendation: Go Long gold. Use puts as stops. Wave *c* of our very large wave .iv. bullish triangle ended at 1614.90 (XAU). From that low we continue to rally in wave *d*, which now appears to have become a double 3 wave rally, as shown on our Daily Gold...
Below we examine the historical interplay of losing wars, cornered egos, tanking currencies, greater controls and gold’s loyalty in times of open madness.
Gold stocks just closed at a new 2023 low! Not only that – miners declined more than gold while silver was “strong.” That’s a VERY bearish combo.
When I hear analysts and investors claim that “the market got it wrong” after a market move, it just makes me chuckle. This is probably the extreme in ego and hubris on display. Price is the market. And, if your perspective does not comport with price action, then it...

February 21, 2023

While the war worshippers of the world take turns waving “I love Poohtin!” and “I love Jackboot Joe!” pom poms (and wave them far from the front lines of the war. The citizens of India, aka the “A Team”, are back on the buy!
The news is full of articles now discussing how food (Staples) producer prices are going to continue rising, how warehouse and distribution channels are pushing “inflation” higher, how charges to use cargo containers and transportation are all pushing “inflation”...
The best performing precious metal for the week was gold, but still off 1.21%. Barrick Gold’s overall attributable gold reserves increased 10% to 76 million ounces. Operating reserves (excluding the 12 million ounces relating to the Norte Abierto project) increased 12...
Something like the plot of Atlas Shrugged seems to be playing out across America. In the novel, corruption and mediocrity spread through institutions including the power company and the bureaucracies charged with keeping the lights on in New York City. Eventually they...
As trust in the global economy amongst the major powers continues to break down, countries in the east continue to look towards solutions that don't involve the dollar. And one of the key answers that keeps coming up is the use of gold.

February 20, 2023

Recently I was shocked after speaking with five different investors on the phone. These investors have been involved in the markets for many years, and they trade their accounts. Surprisingly, not a single one of them knew what drawdowns were, as there are two types....
Get AAPL right and you get the stock market right. That has been our mantra for years, and it has never failed us. Apple shares and the broad averages are unlikely to go their separate ways because so many portfolio managers regard the stock as they do their Patek...
Today I'm going to look at the stock market and what I think is going to unfold over the next year or two.

February 19, 2023

From the comments made back in January, Gold was 'bracing' for its first correction of this year, with that correction expected to come from our 72-day time cycle, which is the most dominant cycle in the Gold market. That decline has played out on schedule, with the...
As it’s been since August, the Dow Jones continues struggling to break above its BEV -5% line. That’s a long time. Then since early November, the Dow Jones has daily closed in a tight trading range bounded just under its BEV -10% line, and its BEV -6.50% level.
Yes, Gold's key weekly parabolic trend as anticipated has flipped to Short, but with underlying support for a safe haven port. We'll get to that, but we're really compelled to begin with this:

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