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February 10, 2023

Inflation is supposedly on its way to falling gently back to 2% like a fluffy snowflake while the US economy roars ahead. Or at least that is what the deep state of Wall Street needs you to think.

Gold was just slammed hard in a sharp selloff, plunging over 4% in only two trading days!  That really freaked out traders, gutting bullish sentiment and leaving them worried about more serious downside.  It didn’t have to though, as gold’s powerful young upleg was...
My technical work suggests the “max downside” for gold could be $1840 on this pullback, and the action in the CDNX juniors suggests it could be over for them already!
After last week's employment report, markets are now pricing in 0.25% rate hikes in March, May, and potentially June. Stocks and risk assets continue to fight the Fed, refusing to believe Powell will get rates to 5.00%+ and keep them there all year.
Let’s take a look at a rarity for me; a public article discussing a nominal technical situation rather than bopping you over the head with macro fundamentals and macro indicators.
There are a lot of theories out there about what will happen with interest rates, inflation and a recession in 2023. If we look at the strongly inverted yield curve for Treasury securities, with the 10 year Treasury currently yielding about 1.4% less than the 6 month...

February 9, 2023

Below we look at the interplay of embarrassing debt, dying currencies and failed monetary fantasies masquerading as policies to confirm that no matter how one turns or spins the inflation/deflation, QT/QE or recession/no-recession narratives, the global financial...
Almost five years ago I wrote a blog post titled, “BANG: Why The Gold Miners Could Soon Make FANG Look Tame.” A reader recently reached out to ask if I would post an update so here it is.
Peter Boockvar returns to the show, and we discuss the Fed raising rate hikes a quarter point and why this is very concerning to the markets. He also explains why he believes there is a good chance there is only one more rate hike coming, then a pause from the Fed.

February 8, 2023

This is a brief preview of our annual Gold Outlook Report. Every year we take an in-depth look at the market players, dynamics, fallacies, and drivers of markets, and finally, give our predictions for gold and silver prices over the coming year.
The price of gold experienced one of its more volatile years in 2022, amidst the war in Ukraine breaking out, and the Federal Reserve's interest rate hiking policy. Yet by the time it was all done, the gold demand on the year was the highest since 2011 (which was...
Lawrence Lepard comes back to the show to discuss the latest predictions from the Fed Watch Tool and Federal Reserve Chairman Powell's comments on interest rates. He shares his perspective on the likelihood of another rate hike in March and whether it signals the cycle...

February 7, 2023

Last week the precious market got a “Triple Whammy” of a silver duty hike in India, another rate hike from the Fed, and a blowout jobs report.
Last Friday's jobs data sent shockwaves through currency and metals markets. January's jobs report was "stunningly good," according to CNBC. It prompted currency traders to buy up U.S. dollars and short sellers in futures markets to pounce on gold and silver.
When the market was bottoming on October 13 of 2022 at 3500SPX, the members of ElliottWaveTrader knew to begin looking up to the 4100SPX region for an initial rally off those lows. The day before the market bottomed (October 12), I sent out an update to our members...

February 6, 2023

The best performing precious metal for the week was palladium, up 0.77%, after holding the spot for worst performer in the prior week. Dacian Gold’s second quarter 2023 production of 12,000 ounces was 5% better than consensus, with ore coming entirely from stockpiles...
Treat the stock market as you would a sleazy carnival game and you hold the key to accurately predicting its behavior. Take AAPL, for instance. We should have known that permabears were being set up for a fleecing when an always-complicit news media worked slavishly to...
Nick Barisheff joins the show to discuss the impact of the Fed's recent rate hike on the economy and Gold and Silver markets. He explains why central banks' increased buying of gold is concerning and the potential implications of the BRICs nations.

February 5, 2023

From the comments made in past articles, the last key low for Gold came back in November of 2022, with that low coming from the combination of 72 and 310-day cycles. From that low, strength was expected to play out into January of this year - before topping the smaller...
I have written about this topic quite a few times. I am writing about it again today because it will become an extremely important indicator for precious metals within the next 12 months. 
As we on occasion do, let's start with stocks, their prices having gone gaga. And with respect to the S&P 500, the following may be deemed obscene; thus parental discretion is advised as we go to a favoured graphic, courtesy of the "Others Parrot; We Do The Math...
Since early November, the Dow Jones has remained in a trading range; between its BEV -5% & -10% lines in the chart below.  What’s with that?  I guess the Dow Jones is thinking about what it should do next in a world where “liquidity” available to the market is...
As the Federal Reserve winds down its rate hiking campaign, precious metals bulls are anticipating a favorable environment for gains ahead.

February 4, 2023

What a wild week this has been.  India raised the silver duty, the Fed hiked only a quarter point, and we now have a major entry point for gold, silver, and miners, as long as the Friday jobs report is OK. 
Our proprietary cycle indicator is now DOWN. Gold sector cycle is down. Trend is up. A correction is in progress.

February 3, 2023

We believe gold is in the second inning of a nine-inning advance that should take prices to new all-time highs in 2024. Precious metals remain under-owned, and pullbacks could be mild to moderate in 2023. Expect a spike in 2024 ahead of the presidential elections. 
Gold has behaved strangely over this past year, largely ignoring the biggest inflation super-spike since the 1970s.  The Fed’s extreme rate hikes were to blame, spawning epic anomalous market distortions.  With that blistering rate-hike cycle nearing its end, the Fed’s...
Over the summer, I once again highlighted the uniquely insightful work of my friend, Michael Oliver. Michael studies momentum within the markets and how it typically behaves through various cycles.

February 2, 2023

According to Federal Reserve chairman Jerome Powell, disinflation is now taking hold. Yes, the very same person who had to walk back his ridiculous pronouncements in 2021 and 2022 that inflation was "transitory" now wants us to believe that inflation is in the process...
Below we look at Gold’s rise in a backdrop of more bond destruction in the public markets and more truth destruction in the war on inflation.

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