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March 6, 2023

Precious metals markets are attempting to stage a rally this week off oversold conditions even as investors remain skittish over rate hikes.

Gary Wagner of The Gold Forecast joins us to discuss the current and future outlook for gold and silver prices. Gary shares his insights on why gold may be heading toward an all-time high after the current correction ends.
In this video Gary Savage discusses that you can get a position for what he thinks will be a decent run here in the metals over the next two to three weeks.

March 5, 2023

From the comments made in past articles, the Gold market was set for a sharp correction phase into early-2023, based upon the configuration of one of our most dominant cycles, the 72-day wave - shown again on the chart below:
This week, the Dow Jones recovered from last week’s close below its BEV -10% line.  Or it did so on Friday, as the other days of this week it closed below its BEV -10% line.  I don’t care.  I’ll remain bearish on the Dow Jones until it closes in scoring position (above...
On the heels of last week's piece pointing to Gold (then 1818) as a "bargain", Gold-Getters have since come to the fore in pushing price to as high as 1864 towards settling yesterday (Friday) at 1863. That doesn't mean Gold has concluded testing our arbitrary 1851-1798...
The CDNX has been outperforming the stock market and GDX since January, and we did an across the board buy for the SGJ portfolio this week. The US dollar chart is horrible and that’s bodes well for the miners.

March 4, 2023

End of inflation is inevitable. At first, the statement above may seem counterintuitive; especially in light of the ongoing increase in the cost of goods and services experienced recently that seem to have no limit.
Our proprietary cycle indicator is DOWN. GLD is on short term buy signal. GDX is on short term buy signal. is on short term buy signal. GDXJ is on short term buy signal.
Would Mr. Putin or a floating white balloon start World War III? The global economic system has changed to a multi-polar order as a result of the epidemic and the conflict in Ukraine, and America is now facing a number of difficulties. Together with the loss of...

March 3, 2023

I have been really busy of late, so I have not had a lot of time for article writing. But we're at a crucial point in TLT, so I thought I would post an update. I'm posting this on Thursday, March 2, and hopefully it will be out on the morning of March 3. As I write...
The big US stocks dominating investors’ portfolios have reached a key technical juncture.  They’ll soon either bounce off major support to extend their bear-market rally or continue breaking down towards bear lows.  Their just-finished Q4’22 earnings season offers...
In part 2 of this interview with Jim Willie, Jim talks about why he feels that the Fed in reality cares little about inflation, and plans to continue raising rates until something breaks.
Technical analyst Gareth Soloway joins the show to discuss the latest news on the economy and the housing market, with mortgage demand hitting a 28-year low. Despite solid job numbers, Gareth predicts we are headed for a recession.

March 2, 2023

Let’s start today’s analysis with a very short-term chart (hourly candlesticks) featuring the GDXJ ETF – a proxy for junior mining stocks. These miners have been the most volatile part of the precious metals sector – at least, it’s the more popular part.
We projected a rally to run from Q4, 2022 to or through Q1, 2023. It is technically intact with the Gold/Copper ratio trending down since last summer. What’s more, the global market rally has been led by Doctor Copper and companies that dig Cu out of the ground. So the...
We're now over a year into the Russia-Ukraine war, with sadly no end in sight, to what's become a financial war in addition to being a kinetic one.
The final stages of major economic cycles are always accompanied by the maximum amount of bad news as well as heinous events. This time is no different as the West is in the process of committing Harakiri (Seppuku). 
Federal Reserve rate hikes meant to quell inflation may ultimately have the opposite effect. Of course, higher borrowing costs will force consumers to scale back and businesses to trim payrolls. A contraction in debt-financed economic activity will in theory cause...
We have already seen an inordinate amount of outright fraud this cycle (see this and this) that has, so far, proven to be a terrific indicator of where we stand in the larger market cycle. Today, Bloomberg reports that earnings quality for the S&P 500 Index...

March 1, 2023

Gold and silver prices have been declining again over the past week, largely in response to the Fed minutes and governor speeches suggesting that they are now considering raising interest rates higher than previously expect, and holding them there for longer than once...

February 28, 2023

Fear and greed are common in the market, and due to them, people tend to follow specific patterns over and over again, regardless of the exact economic surroundings and also pretty much regardless of the time when it’s all taking place. That’s why the market’s...
For many years the yen was the preferred safe-haven currency for the largest bank FOREX traders. The topping action of the yen in 2011 created a huge US stock market buy signal. In 2015, the yen’s bottoming action helped create a massive buy signal for gold.
Gold bugs started 2023 with high hopes after the precious metals sector showed impressive relative strength versus paper assets in 2022.
I am going to start this week's missive with the quote from Robert Prechter's seminal book The Socionomic Theory of Finance, which is a book I strongly recommend to each and every investor:
Nicole Adshead-Bell, an expert in commodities, joins us today to share her thoughts on the future of metals and their role in the energy sector. She is bullish on copper and believes it is the new lithium. She discusses the government's push towards ESG and how it...

February 27, 2023

The best performing precious metal for the week was platinum, but still down 1.20%. Dundee Precious Metals reported fourth-quarter earnings per share (EPS) of $0.18, above consensus of $0.14. The beat to consensus was driven by a combination of lower-than-expected...
Whatever enthusiasm investors have remaining for their gold stocks holdings must be waning rapidly, if not already dissipated. Below is a year-to-date chart (source) for GDX (VanEck Gold Miners ETF) showing the latest swoon in prices…
​​​​​​​Uranium investments topped the list of exciting takeaways from the Mines & Money conference held in Miami last week. Keynote speaker Chris Temple, editor of The National Investor, dispelled nagging doubts about atomic power’s future when he noted that Greta...
The only way to get away from the dollar is to dig underneath it, right to the very base of the monetary pyramid itself.

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