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May 26, 2024

The Dow Jones saw some downward pressure this week.  Nothing serious as it closed the week with a BEV of -2.33%, still deep in scoring position.  In my BEV charts, I always include a table giving the point values for the important BEV lines.  If you look at the one...

On Wednesday, minutes from the Federal Reserve’s latest policy meeting showed central bankers are frustrated by the lack of progress on inflation. After several months of official inflation readings coming in hotter than expected, the Fed has been forced to back off...

May 25, 2024

Gold sector cycle is now down. Trend is up for gold and gold stocks..

Could the world be creeping closer to a monetary gold standard? Steve Forbes sees signs that it is. In a recent article published by Forbes Magazine, Steve Forbes wrote that it may seem hard to believe, but the world is “beginning to lurch toward a gold-based...

May 24, 2024

Gold and silver soared and plunged together, but… Not at the same pace. And this can tell a lot. The way in which both precious metals move relative to each other is not random. It has specific rhythms and patterns, and understanding what it means can give one an...

The mid-tier and junior gold miners in this sector’s sweet spot for upside potential recently wrapped up their latest earnings season.  These fundamentally-superior smaller gold producers delivered big last quarter, reporting spectacular results.  The potent...

Here are today's videos and charts.

The Reserve Bank of India has followed the lead of China and other Eastern central banks and ramped up its accumulation of gold.

Chinese private sector gold imports accounted for 543 tonnes in the first quarter, while the People’s Bank of China (PBoC) added 189 tonnes to its reserves over this time horizon. Most of the PBoC’s purchases are “unreported.” China continues to be the marginal...

Last week, the Wall Street Journal reported that the Fed and two other U.S. banking regulators are going to significantly reduce a planned increase in capital requirements for the country's large banks.

May 23, 2024

How long will the world keep buying U.S. bonds, notes, and bills, or use the dollar as a reserve currency, if Washington is bent on fiscal self-destruction?

The salvo from Washington as it unleashes the Green War with China leaves no doubt about the perilous state of Sino-US relations, and, incidentally, about Bidenomics. Yet, the remnant of a strong monetary link between the two countries brakes the journey into an...

May 22, 2024

Our first chart is the 6-month chart for gold and it’s interesting to see that while silver and PM stocks raced ahead last week, gold’s new upleg has barely gotten started and it has yet to break above the resistance at its early April highs – it will though and...

Wall Street is ecstatic after the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) hit 40,000 for the first time ever. The nominal record makes for plenty of pithy headlines.

In this profound discussion held in Singapore, financial experts Egon von Greyerz and Jim Rogers explore the complexities of global economics, investment strategies, and the future of currencies

Silver cleared $29 resistance and is in breakout mode as Gold has rebounded to near its previous high at $2417. Silver could retest the breakout at $29 but retest or not, it appears headed to that strong target at $34-$35.

May 21, 2024

Despite a rising price, Chinese gold demand remained robust in April. Strong investment demand more than made up for some weakness in the gold jewelry market. This continues a trend of gold moving from West to East. China ranks as the number one gold consumer in the...

China. The citizens of this economic superpower have been the “prime mover” for the latest collapse of global government fiat money against gold.

Gold and Silver especially closed the week higher, with Silver surging to above $31/oz while Gold closed at a weekly higher high, above $2400/oz. Gold is building on its cup and handle breakout, which has a measured upside target of $2900-$3000/oz.

Money-supply growth fell year over year again in March, but March’s decline was the smallest money-supply drop recorded in sixteen months. Moreover, the money supply in March grew—month over month—by the highest rate in two years.

The best performing precious metal for the past week was silver, up 11.29%, breaking through $30 per ounce for the first time in more than a decade with an increasingly supportive supply picture for prices with a projected fourth year of market deficit in production...

It was another volatile night for gold, silver, and copper, as all 3 of the metals surged higher on the open in the far east, before declining lower throughout the night.

Chris Vermeulen, Chief Market Strategist at The Technical Traders, joins the show to share his insights on the future of gold and silver prices and predict potential rallies for both metals.

May 20, 2024

Last week, Rep. Thomas Massie (R-KY) introduced the Federal Reserve Board Abolition Act (HR 8421). The bill would do exactly as its title suggests: abolish the Fed.

Below, we soberly assess the lessons of history and math against the current realities of a debt-defined America to ask and answer a painful yet critical question: Is America losing?

I'm going to show you what is happening here in the metals and maybe some of you will take the warning and be a little cautious...

Jeffrey Tucker returns to the show, and we delve into the current economic turmoil, discussing the role of precious metals as safe havens. Jeffrey shares insights on the outlook for gold and silver through 2024, the impact of central banks' actions, and the...

May 19, 2024

One week ago we herein opened with this query:  “Is Gold’s near-term correction completed?”  Given the yellow metal’s upside price action since then, we can now answer in the affirmative, (which for you WestPalmBeachers down there means “Yes”).

This week, the Dow Jones saw new all-time highs, the 25th & 26th of the current advance.  These new all-time highs followed a thirty-seven-trading day correction, that took it down, just a tad below scoring position for five, of the thirty-seven days of the...

Gold and silver prices are on the rise again, poking back up to their highs of last month. Silver actually broke through the key $30 benchmark this morning and is now even making a run to $32. The white metal currently checks in at $31.61, up a whopping 11.5% for...

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