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May 30, 2021

The historical embodiment of monetary freedom is the gold standard. The era of its greatest flourishing was not coincidentally the 19th century, the century in which classical liberal ideology reigned, a century of unprecedented material progress and peaceful relations...
Sensationalism, like central bankers and policy makers, has many faces, views and voices. This may explain why so many want to hold their ears, hug their knees and beg the heavens for a beacon of guiding light amidst a 24/7 fog of info-cycle pablum masquerading as...
Let's start with Gold Great. 'Twas just 59 trading days ago on 08 March that Gold traded down to the year's low of 1673. But since then, yesterday's (Friday's) settle at 1904 marks a 231-point gain. Thus to again revisit our proportional math class from back in 7th...

May 29, 2021

Our proprietary cycle indicator is up. Long term – on major BUY signal. Short term – on buy signals. Gold sector cycle is up, be long and stay long. $$$ We are 60% invested. Disclosure
Many suspect the gold and silver markets have been manipulated. Head of Research at Gold Money Alasdair MacLeod says new Basel III rules will put an end to price distortions in the precious metals market...

May 28, 2021

Here are today's videos and charts. The videos are viewable on mobile phones as well as computers.
Biden’s triumph in the presidential election does not just mean that a new man lives in the White House. It actually implies a fundamental shift in economic policy . Some analysts even see Biden’s agenda as a decisive break with neoliberalism or “Washington consensus”.
“April 2021 money supply and monetary base growth continued to explode” – John Williams,
Heading into Memorial Day weekend, American motorists will see the highest prices at the pump since 2014, according to AAA. Gas prices now average $3.04 a gallon nationally – reflecting a jump of more than $1.00 compared to the same time last year.

May 27, 2021

Gold bulls have an opportunity to celebrate. As the chart below shows, the price of gold has been rising recently. And yesterday (May 26) it finally jumped above $1,900, which is an important psychological level.
Gold has set up a very strong confluence pattern across multiple foreign currencies recently.  This upside confluence pattern suggests that Gold has now moved into a much stronger bullish price phase compared to various currency pairs.  This upside move in precious...
All those economists who went along with the Fed’s inflation-is-temporary-and-going-per-plan narrative are stunned by the data they now see coming in. They shouldn’t be, as it was predictable. However, they will need to get bigger charts to make room for it. Notice...
Have you ever heard someone say “90% of people that trade options lose money.”? I certainly have. Looking at an options chain can be a dizzying exercise for the uninformed. Delta, Gamma, Theta, Rho, Vega - and let's not forget - implied volatility? Single, spread,...

May 26, 2021

Washington, DC (May 26, 2021) – America’s gold reserves would be audited for the first time in more than 60 years if a measure introduced yesterday by U.S. Representative Alex Mooney (R-WV) becomes law.
As technological developments and markets go parabolic, we observe many market “experts”, even intelligent ones, forecasting that we are now in an exponential economic era. Thus many believe that this will go on forever. This is the typical attitude at market and...
Exact weather is hard to predict, even with forecasts, but we can look for clouds on the horizon to prepare ahead of time.
In what may be looked back upon as a historic debate, Stansberry Associates' Daniela Cambone was the moderator in “Bitcoin vs Gold: The Great Debate with Michael Saylor and Frank Giustra."
To maintain the inflation, a cooling of inflation was needed. That is one of those Alice in Wonderland-like statements, like the one I’ve got tattooed on my left forearm: “Contrary-wise, what is it wouldn’t be and what it wouldn’t be it would, you see?”

May 25, 2021

The great USA nation appears to have devolved into the “United Socialists of America”. What happened? The “disturbing yet comical” long-term chart of the US fiat dollar versus gold.
Gold should have rallied today given its negative correlation with the USDX, but it didn’t. Have we reached the top of the mountain with the only way – down?
One of the biggest reasons why people invest in assets like gold, Bitcoin and altcoins is because they act as hedges against bad government policy.
On Friday, the recent IHS Markit Flash U.S. Composite PMI has been published. There are two pieces of news for gold - one good and one bad. Let’s start with the negative information. The report signals an unprecedentedly fast expansion in business activity in May....
Surging inflation is currently hitting the United States - but it isn't the kind of inflation that many people believe it is. Inflation can arise from a number of different sources, and money creation is only one of the sources.
Alasdair MacLeod, the Head of Research at Goldmoney, wonders if we may soon see “the end of paper gold and silver markets.” The Bank of International Settlements (BIS) developed Basel III regulations, purportedly to prevent another 2008-style financial crisis. The roll...

May 24, 2021

The best performing precious metal for the week was gold, up 2.05%. The metal rose to a three-month high as lower bond yields helped to improve gold prices. Continuing concerns about rising inflation are buoying the metal as well.
The accepted and ruling ideology in different countries is perhaps the dominant factor that distinguishes between peoples and countries throughout history. Different ideas of how the world should appear take root in different countries and in effect become a self-...
As commodities rise, are there any clues about the direction of broader US markets? Measuring correlations can help to spot trends across asset classes.
As we know, history tends to rhyme. It’s never the same, but when you zoom out, the bigger picture often looks very similar. What does it mean for gold?
Price moves in all-metal futures will be two-way. Reasons are (a) Gold June's future expiry. (b) Base metals futures expiry. (c) US first-quarter GDP number of Thursday can reverse the current trend of precious metals and base metals. (d) There is a position squaring...
Stocks continue to gyrate nervously as the Fed continues to behave like a cornered animal trying to downplay inflation risks while paradoxically supporting a mega “everything bubble” with pro-inflationary tools.

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