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It looks like our ending diagonal triangle formation ended a failure high at 4748.83, and wave V is now complete at the high. Our “Armageddon Support Line” has broken and the SP500 looks to be heading into a multi-year bear market. 
We have shown a possible very bullish alternate count for gold that is suggesting that we are still rallying in a subdividing wave ^iii^ where only wave $i$ ended at the 2077.90 high and we are now falling in wave $ii$, which has the...
Trading Recommendation: We continue to suggest buying all of the above gold stocks and indices, for a long-term hold.
After starting up strongly early in Fridays trading session the SP500 ending up giving back all of those early gains. In the overnight session the SP500 Futures are down about 21 points.
Despite Thursday’s “pullback”, “takedown”, or whatever analysts want to call it, the Captain’s view is that wave !iv! is complete at the 1279.50 low and that our wave !v! rally higher is now underway. As you can see on our “Daily Gold...
Trading Recommendation: Long gold. Use puts as stops. Active Positions: We are long, with puts as stops! Long silver. Use a put as a stop.
Short-Term Update: Within wave .iii. we are now working on our first impulsive sequence, as shown on our “Daily Gold Chart”. Within that first impulsive sequence we believe that we are working on a subdividing wave $iii$.
Gold was higher in yesterday’s day session and again in the overnight session as we reached a high of 1263.30, at the time that this post was being written. We have now exceeded our wave ^i^ high of 1261.00, and if all of wave ^i^ ended at...
Gold was higher in yesterday’s day session, reaching a high of 1237.50. In the overnight session we seem to be undergoing a small correction with the current low of that correction being 1229.50, at the time that this Post was being...
Gold price was sharply higher in the overnight session, reaching a high of 1218.80 at the time that this Post was being written!

According to the Talmud you should keep one-third of your assets each in land, business interests, and gold.

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