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December 31, 2020
Gold plays a duel role as a commodity and as a monetary metal which makes it important to keep a close eye on. During the early stages of a commodity bull market Gold will generally lead the whole complex higher. When the troops see the General leading they will feel...
It is that time again when we reflect on recent events and what might be ahead of us in the new year. 2020 was dominated by a pre-March descent into a financial slump, when the S&P500 index lost a third of its value between January and March, until the Fed cut its...
December 30, 2020
The supply and demand fundamentals for precious metals markets got thrown into disarray this year, leading to heightened volatility – first on the downside, then on the upside.
. . . for the wrong reasons. Normally, this issue would be a preview of what could be expected in the new year. This time around the future is badly out of focus, as if one with poor eyesight is looking at a distant vista wearing his reading glasses.
As of Wednesday (Dec. 30) morning, gold is range trading and remains more or less flat as it seeks momentum. As we wait for the precious metals to act on a catalyst, let’s also take a look at the Euro’s relation to the U.S. Dollar and how both impact gold.
Gold rose $58 to $1,840 (recent low about $1,760) for the week ended December 6, while silver rose $1.66 to $24.21 (recent low around $22.00) for the week. As we descend into the Twilight Zone, the major stock indices made new highs this week, showing, once again, that...
Looks like they will be able to keep gold below the downtrend line this week, under $1,900. Silver is leading the metals!
December 29, 2020
After awakening from its slumber last week, the USD Index may be in the early innings of a short-term breakout. Bursting with energy, the dollar basket closed (on Dec. 22) above its declining resistance line (although more data is needed to confirm a larger move).
“How do you print out of thin air $3 trillion and get it into the stock market this year without anybody seeing you do it? ‘Stock market’ meaning ‘stock market and other high risk/high yielding assets…’ The answer as it turns out is you don’t print $3 trillion, you...
December 28, 2020
Gold is 0.2% lower this morning, as it is further extending its short-term consolidation after bouncing from $1,900 resistance level.
December 27, 2020
The German inflation of 1914–1923 had an inconspicuous beginning, a creeping rate of one to two percent. On the first day of the war, the German Reichsbank, like the other central banks of the belligerent powers, suspended redeemability of its notes in order to prevent...
In my last Patron post, which I eventually made available to everyone, I revealed a little-known (at the time) fact that M1 money supply (the most liquid forms of cash — bills, checks and basic savings accounts) had grown faster than any time in history. I showed that...

Gold Market Update
High-level analytical assessments are oft said to be made from the "35,000-foot level". Such is the case here -- literally -- from said altitude above The Atlantic at a pace of some 603 knots by the cockpit display in the seatback in front of us. With the markets...
SPX has now built a significant congestion pattern at its recent high which is more likely to be short-term distribution than re-accumulation. It should not take too long before we find out which it is.
December 26, 2020
Gold sector remains on long-term BUY at the end of November. COT data is supportive for overall higher gold prices. Long-term – on major BUY signal. Short-term – on buy signals. Gold sector cycle is UP.
December 24, 2020
Most people are familiar with the Aesop fable “CRY WOLF” about the little boy who falsely called out Cry Wolf too often to his villagers when there was no wolf around. Then when one day the wolf came and the boy again cried, no one believed him and the consequences...
As precious metals investors, it can sometimes be difficult to tell whether major world events are positive or negative for the prices of gold and silver.
Regardless of one’s views as to the most realistic means of balancing human risk with economic risk, all would agree that COVID has both revealed and accelerated critical (and pre-existing) fissures in the financial landscape
The world stands on the threshold of monetary hyperinflation with the US dollar leading the way. The final months of fiat money are coming into view. What will replace them — bitcoin or gold?
December 23, 2020
Most of the time during a bull market the short, intermediate and long term charts are pretty much in sync even during a consolidation phase. Consolidation patterns are needed to bring the overbought condition back to what is normal for a bull market. Consolidation...
On August 7th, the price of gold hit a new all-time high of US$2.075 . At that time we warned of the temporary end of the gold rush. As a result, over the past four months, there has been tough and stretched correction, with several pullbacks towards the support zone...
After months of waiting, Congress has finally passed a new stimulus measure to help Americans who have seen their lives turned upside because of the COVID-19. The new liquidity flooding into markets should be positive for gold prices.
December 22, 2020
Fed Chair Jerome Powell sounded dovish during his press conference on December 16, where he gave a market update after the Fed’s monetary policy meeting. The Fed will remain accommodative for a long time, which should support gold prices.
The world’s largest gold exchange traded fund (ETF) seems to be having a lot of trouble when it comes to accounting. The SPDR Gold Trust (GLD) recently appointed its 6th chief financial officer since 2014. And the problem of finding and keeping executives who are...
December 21, 2020
The best performing precious metal for the week was silver, up 7.77 percent as hedge funds raise their bullish positioning to 21-week high. Gold gained after the Federal Reserve strengthened its commitment to supporting the economic recovery and as U.S. lawmakers make...
There are but two ways that man can deal with man: reason and force. Reason includes invention, design, entrepreneurship, finance, borrowing and lending, construction, production, manufacturing, mining, farming, trade, marketing, distribution, sales, and contract.
Do you feel the Christmas spirit when it comes to the yellow metal and miners? Because we don’t. Multiple signs over the past few days point to bearish weeks ahead for gold and the gold miners. The VanEck Vectors Gold Miners ETF (GDX) - the most liquid vehicle for...
For the almost decade that I have been writing publicly, I have implored you to recognize the importance of market sentiment in determining the direction and turning points in the market.
The run has started early in Germany: “Gold and silver in the form of coins and bars are experiencing an enormous surge in demand at German precious metals dealers” (link). This is to be expected but the Germans, more-so than any other EU country (Switzerland is not a...

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