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March 23, 2021

"Man, Powell is such a hitter. He is relentless in his desire to help the underclass of this country. More than anyone. It's truly incredible. . .and joyous!" —March 17 tweet from CNBC "Mad Money" host Jim Cramer
There’s a big, but largely unnoticed factor, that’s foretelling where gold and miners are headed next. What happens when support turns into resistance?
In the last edition of the Fundamental Gold Report, I analyzed the latest FOMC statement on monetary policy and economic projections. Today, I would like to focus more on Powell’s press conference. My reading is that the Fed Chair sounded like a dove.
US stocks, bonds, and real estate are in the late stages of a financial market inflation cycle.A new cycle is beginning, and it is the inflation of Main Street America.
The Fed’s Open Markets Committee met last week and left policy unchanged – at least for the moment. No one expected central banking officials to make rate adjustments last week with equity prices rubbing up against all-time highs and the economic recovery narrative...
In a recent interview, I referred to the Fed as a disgusting institution. I want to explain why I believe that to be the case, as I do not like to disparage anyone or any entity indiscriminately or capriciously—only when absolutely necessary. To be clear, central...

March 22, 2021

Despite everyone saying the bottom is in, and that gold and miners are set for takeoff, the signs still point south. The real question: how low can they go? Let’s take a look at some price targets for where the GDX and GDXJ mining ETFs might land up.
The best performing precious metal for the week was palladium, up 11.14%. South African platinum stocks jumped as much as 4.4% on Tuesday after Norilsk Nickel, a top producer, reduced its forecast production from its Arctic mines due to flooding, reports Bloomberg....
Twin deficits could negatively affect the U.S. economy, thereby supporting the yellow metal. Twins. Many parents will tell you that they double the blessing. But economists would disagree, claiming that twins – i.e., twin deficits – could be negative for the economy....
Every time I branch out to read articles being presented throughout the internet each week, it simply makes me shake or scratch my head. Moreover, I stand in amazement at anyone who attempts to base their investment portfolio upon such information.
I have received numerous emails and questions regarding the market's set up and what to expect after the Triple-Witching event (FOMC, Futures/Options expiration) last week. It appears many traders/investors are seeking some clarity related to price trends and the...
SPX may have completed a phase of its intermediate uptrend and is consolidating. Analysis of the short-term trend is done daily with the help of hourly charts. They are important adjuncts to the analysis of daily and weekly charts which determine longer market trends.

March 21, 2021

When a stage magician draws a rabbit out of a top hat, you KNOW that it had been there all the time. When he closes his pretty assistant in a large box sitting on a table and then, when he pulls the sides down she is no longer there, you KNOW that somehow she was moved...
The Dow Jones made a BEV Zero on Wednesday last week, then closed the week down 1.17% from Wednesday’s all-time high. The Dow Jones has been in scoring position (within 5% of its last all-time high) since November 4th, scoring 22 new all-time highs, advancing the Dow...
A rather special one, this edition of The Gold Update, for in addition to our usual unrivaled read on the price of Gold, at the foot we review a "must read" new book.
“Man, Powell is such a hitter. He is relentless in his desire to help the underclass of this country. More than anyone. It’s truly incredible…and joyous!” (March 17th tweet from CNBC “Mad Money” host Jim Cramer)

March 20, 2021

We live in interesting times. Be you bear or bull, left or right, optimist, cynic or pessimist, you would be hard-pressed to pretend that anything is, well, normal.
Our proprietary cycle indicator is down, but bottoming. Gold sector remains on long-term BUY at the end of February.
Here are today's videos and charts. The videos are viewable on mobile phones as well as computers.

March 19, 2021

Hard assets quietly strengthen as attention focuses on block-chain and other crazes. Gold and silver markets gyrated up and down following the Federal Reserve’s policy meeting on Wednesday.
The gold miners’ stocks have suffered an extended correction in recent months, leaving them deeply out of favor. Yet their underlying fundamentals remain incredibly strong, thanks to continuing high prevailing gold prices. These companies’ recently-released Q4’20...
In our own recent reports (and frankly any report) addressing the topic of precious metals, we confronted inflation topics, including, its many tailwinds. One critical tailwind for rising inflation is rising commodity prices, which are doing precisely that: Rising.
Chairman Powell of the People’s Bank of the USSA would have you believe inflation is no concern because the Federals are in control. The bond vigilantes, with their pistols shoved into his back, would have you believe Powell is their prisoner and is being hauled off to...

March 18, 2021

We have received many emails from members and readers asking us to follow-up on our December 30, 2020, Gann/Fibonacci research article entitled “Price Amplitude Arcs/Gann Suggest A Major Peak in Early April 2021 – Part II“. In that article, my research team suggested...
The greatest blackout in US history saw millions of Texans without heat as a polar vortex knocked out half of the United State’s energy grid, shutting down more than 4 million barrels a day of output or 40 percent of US production. Meantime for almost a year, the...

March 17, 2021

A year ago this past week marked the onset of the Covid-19 Pandemic. It also was the last full week of trading in the financial markets preceding crashes in all markets and a near-complete, albeit temporary, shutdown of economic activity.
I am often asked about my perspective regarding fundamentals, and why I see value in some fundamental perspectives and not others. Let me start by posting a tweet by a money manager, which I thought was quite funny, and gave me the idea to write this article.
Gold’s volatile little brother had an interesting run thus far, with internet forums buoying its price. But will fundamentals prevail? Where is silver headed?
After a tumultuous 2020 for the Bullion Banks, the delivery demand at COMEX has continued unabated in 2021. Are we getting close to "breaking the COMEX"? No, not yet. However, global physical demand is clearly placing a strain on The Banks' ability to flow metal around...

March 16, 2021

Now that the correction is largely over (or about to be), will gold and miners decline right away, or will they see some minor upside before a deeper plunge?

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