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Investors prick up their ears to front-run the FED’s taper. It looks like a tricky game though, given its contradictory statements – what’s the truth? You Don't Say!
Gold’s days in a glamorous apartment at the top of the PMs’ building are numbered. We’d better prepare for a rapid elevator ride to the first floor.
Despite gold’s recent rally, the gold miners barely moved or even declined. The downward pressure must have taken root in the miners – will it hold?
While we might see a small uptick in gold prices soon, it’s not likely to last long. We should be prepared to open our parachutes any time now. The decline in gold continues, and while we might see a small pop-up higher here, it’s unlikely...
Just before the hunt begins, the hunter needs to be sure its prey feels safe. Will we see a promising short-term rally in gold?
After gold’s fall, a relief rally seemed to be quite possible. However, gold may not have enough energy to do even that before collapsing.
The FED knows it has to taper soon, but doesn’t want to scare investors. However, the gossip spread. What impact will it have on the precious metals?
Tapering was finally discussed at the FOMC meeting. Gold declined profoundly afterward, ending $70 lower than on Monday. Has the trend changed?
Gold broke below its support line yesterday, but it didn’t do so smoothly, leading both bulls and bears to think they’re right. So, who’s wrong?
You can’t tell if the forest is on fire just by blindly touching one tree. The gold tree might feel cool now, but what about other ones – silver and stocks?

The melting point of gold is 1337.33 K (1064.18 °C, 1947.52 °F).

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