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The S&P GSCI Index is strongly correlated with the price of gold. When the USDX goes up, the former does the exact opposite - and gold may follow.
Indicators are pointing to gold and mining ETFs running out of breath. They don’t seem to have what it takes to the move to the finish line. Despite gold, silver and mining stocks’ recent corrective upswings, the precious metals are...
If gold’s recent rally is just a correction within a larger medium-term downswing, and the 2018 pattern repeats, this could mean the final plunge. Gold continues to move just like it did at the beginning of this year, and – combined with...
Even though gold “could have, would have, should have” rallied given USD’s decline, it ended yesterday’s session lower. Why? Because it wants to slide.
A culminating point has been reached. With the USD Index being backed up by solid fundamentals, can gold hold the line? Have you ever noticed how often the language of war is used in finance and economics articles? A given company is on...
Gold had a good day yesterday, but as it hits the $1,770 resistance line, it will be anything but easy for the yellow metal. The real test has begun.
Gold moved higher and it moved to the upper border of my target area. Gold did reverse at its triangle-vertex-based reversal last week, but it turned out that it wasn’t the final top. It seems that this final top is being formed right now...
Gold’s slight rally might be getting some people excited, but appearances can be deceiving. USDX action hints at gold really wanting to move lower. The yellow metal has climbed, but only with lacklustre energy. If the USD Index is not...
It’s uncanny how the USDX is mirroring its 2017-2018 moves. This remarkably similar pattern is a strong indicator of the dollar’s rising strength. And as we all know, a strong dollar does not bode well for gold.
Keep your eye on the ball. Just because the GDX ETF went up last week doesn’t mean that it’s in an uptrend. Corrections are part of the game.

Seventy-five percent of all gold in circulation has been extracted since 1910

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