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The dollar looks poised for another rally, to gold’s dismay. So, what’s the price target for the greenback over the winter months?
In this video, I’m talking about yesterday’s rally in gold, what it changed and, most importantly, what it didn’t change. Did you know that gold price declined by just $1.60 last week (0.09%)? Gold stocks (the HUI Index) declined by almost...
You see a commodity going down, then it reverses and starts teasing you with an upward move… only to end up declining further. Is this the case now?
Let’s start today’s analysis with a question that I just received: Now that gold, silver and the miners are oversold, what kind of a bounce do you expect? Why not take profits and re-short at a higher level?
In this video, I’m talking about Friday’s intraday reversal in gold price along with a likely reason that caused it (the initial reaction to the omicron variant of the Covid-19). The way gold price reacted tells us quite a lot about the...
Even though the technicals have been predicting this for several months, people were still taken aback by gold’s fall — that’s why they are booing.
As expected, after the applauded increase, gold fell. But will it manage to bounce off the bottom or rather slide lower? Today’s analysis is going to be all about gold, and for a good reason. Based on yesterday’s and Monday’s sessions,...
With Fed Chairman Jerome Powell officially reappointed for a second term and Fed Governor Lael Brainard promoted to Vice-Chair, the chess pieces are now in place atop the FOMC. However, with inflation surging and the Fed materially behind...
While the dollar is on a tear, precious metal stocks have gotten away with it lately. But how long will their resistance last? After the USD Index’s negative response to the ECB’s monetary policy meeting on Oct. 28, I warned on Oct. 29...
In today’s video, I’m talking about the recent performance of gold stock prices (GDX ETF) - and I’m providing my forecast for the gold stock prices in the following weeks. And as I outlined last week – the outlook is bearish.

A gold nugget can be worth three to four times the value of the gold it contains because they are so rare.

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