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Gold’s latest feats increased investors’ appetite. The outlook for the dollar, however, remains healthy. That can only mean one thing.
Despite death wishes from the doubters, the dollar took to the skies on the Fed’s hawkish wings. Gold and silver can wave from the ground for now.
The Fed finally said it: the rates are going up. The USD Index and gold heard it and reacted. The former is at new yearly highs, while gold slides. The medium-term outlook for gold is now extremely bearish.
Gold rallied by almost $10 yesterday, the stock market reversed, but gold miners declined anyway. What is this witchcraft?
You don't have to be a fortune teller to predict some of the precious metals’ behavior in the market. Any incoming signs take the shape of a bear.
Investors fell into a shopping frenzy as tensions increased between Russia and Ukraine. Was the purchase of precious metals as safe haven justified this time?
The precious metals still do pirouettes on the trading floor, but they can stumble in their choreography. The bears are just waiting for it.
The imminent interest rate hike by the Fed is almost certain. Are investors' concerns justified and will it mean trouble for the precious metals?
If gold made a New Year's resolution to improve, then getting sick might have stifled its plans. Is this the beginning of a pattern for the next few months?
As in sports, a weak market streak can reverse in the next season. However, the precious metals team looks like it’s about to drop out of the league.

Gold is perfect for use in coins and jewelry as it does not react with air or water like many other metals.

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