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At the moment of writing these words, gold continues to move around the $1,800 level, so nothing really changed in the last several hours. Not much changed during yesterday’s session either. While gold, silver, and mining stocks made new...
The USD Index has been eating its Wheaties, is itching for a fight, and it’s got solid fundamentals backing it up. Doesn’t look good for the metals.
With the S&P 500 back at its all-time highs, gold stopped lagging behind. However, how long can this unsustainable growth last?
With silver outperforming and key supports for the USDX holding, what’s in store for the precious metals in the upcoming months?
With a tug-of-war for USD Index supremacy unfolding at the 94 level, precious metals are anxiously awaiting the final outcome. And because the EUR/USD is the head of the dollar basket’s snake – due to the fact that the currency pair...
Mining stocks were picked up by investors in the latest bullish wave. But these bad performers may be dumped just as quickly as they were bought.
Strong words, I know. Can I back them up? Well, what we see now – looking at various markets – does indeed look like the start of gold’s end.
Inflation is surging and consumers’ inflation expectations are doing the same. The FOMC minutes show that the central bank finally accepted reality.
With inflation getting worse, has the Fed woken up? And with the USD looking bright, gold, silver, and mining stocks continue to feel the pinch.
The old saying goes: in the case of gold and the dollar, the latter’s uprising is the former’s downsizing. Will we see this materializing once again?

10 karat gold is 41.7% pure gold.

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