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Gold, silver, and mining stocks don’t need any help from the USDX or the stock market; they can decline all on their own – the miners in particular.
Raise the dollar, drop the metals. Under most possible scenarios, things don’t look good for gold, silver, and mining stocks – for the medium-term.
Evergrande. That’s the topic everyone requested me to cover, so I will. But before I do, I would like to emphasize that I’ve been writing about it for months. No, not about Evergrande per se, but about the situation being similar to 2008.
The declining medium-term outlook for gold, silver, and mining stocks will eat away at the honey pot of US dollar bears. Get ready for bee stings.
So much money printed. Excessive debt. Even pandemic! And gold failed to hold gains. But that’s how markets work, no matter what gold permabulls say.
With the Delta variant decelerating U.S. economic momentum, the chorus proclaiming ‘peak growth’ is growing louder by the day. And as the colder months approach and outdoor activities fail to stimulate consumer spending, economists have...
The medium-term outlook for precious metals is a bearish one, and as gold moves lower, the miners will move lower faster. Small price jumps don’t count. Let’s get this straight, we’re not day traders, and getting excited about an...
Autumn is just around the corner, and while the precious metals tasted some success most recently, the medium-term is still set for a downtrend.
On Friday, gold soared based on the surprisingly weak jobs report. This week, gold declined over 1.5x as much as it rallied on Friday, and it happened based on… no news announcement.
“I’ve got you in my sights” – the USDX heard that a lot over the last two weeks. While it was bullish for gold, the dollar might take revenge soon.

Gold is using for heat dissipation in some cars.

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