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With its negative correlation to the metals, the USDX rally weighed heavily on gold, silver and stocks. Stop and think: what would be if it continued?
Ladies and gentlemen, we have a breakdown! Gold stocks underperformed the yellow metal so much that they reached the lowest levels seen this year…
The junior mining stocks’ extreme underperformance is the “new normal” that barely anyone talks about. Ignorance is pleasant, but it comes at a cost.
Hey, you want to hear a joke that’s just not funny? Gold miners’ performance. I told you it wasn’t funny. It’s very informative though. With gold stocks completely ignoring gold’s gains, the myriads of factors that I’ve been discussing for...
Gold commanded its unit to make another raid only to find itself stranded. The gold miners had already fled as fugitives, retreating without orders.
What do the portents say? Well, we’ve been looking for connections between gold and bitcoin, and we see a chance to fatten the coffers. Read on.
Another day, another decline in junior miners – and another increase in profits from short positions in them. Shouldn’t we expect a rebound though?
What’s supersized tastes the best, and that’s why the drop in gold miners was the juiciest thing of recent days. Apart from my last 2forU, of course.
What a week! Gold has dropped almost $60 since Friday, and silver came along reaching new yearly lows! Are you prepared for a wild ride downwards?
When the market wants to move down and gets short-term bullish signals, it often ignores them or reacts weakly – and that’s exactly what gold is doing.

According to the Talmud you should keep one-third of your assets each in land, business interests, and gold.

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