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With inflation more than two times lower in Europe than in the US, the divergence between the economic zones deepens day by day. How might it impact gold?
With inflation surging and Powell praying for a “transitory” miracle, the troubles confronting the Fed are accelerating, not decelerating.
If there was a way to describe the last days on the precious metals market, it would be “a whole lot of nothing”. More or less, that’s what happened. Let’s start with the nothing that happened in the USD Index.
Ignoring cycles, trends, and technical patterns is a potential recipe for disaster. The HUI index can tell us a lot about the near future.
Thank you for watching today’s free analysis. Please note that it is just a small fraction of the upcoming Gold & Silver Trading Alert. The latter is going to include over 40 charts and other premium details that are not available to...
With earnings season beginning in October, a profound correction of the S&P 500 could add fuel to the fire of the already well-supported U.S. dollar.
At a panel discussion, Fed Chair finally admitted that inflation could be more (!) long-lasting than expected. What does it mean? Hawks. Lots of them.
With a more hawkish Fed disposition, non-commercial traders remaining dollar-strong, and the EUR/USD sinking, it doesn’t bode well for the metals.
Gold didn’t do much yesterday, but there was more than one thing happening that served as an additional bearish confirmation. The most important sign came from silver’s short-term outperformance.
Gold, silver, and mining stocks don’t need any help from the USDX or the stock market; they can decline all on their own – the miners in particular.

Gold is used in following industries: Jewelry, Financial, Electronics, Computers, Dentistry, Medicine, Awards, Aerospace and Glassmaking.

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