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Gold, silver and mining stocks’ prices soared on Friday. Let’s see if the dollar may have had something to do with this movement. Very little happened in the precious metals market yesterday, and what I wrote and said yesterday remains up-...
The S&P 500 is blooming, while gold cannot hide its weakness. Both have an impact on junior miners, but which lead will gold stocks follow? It’s Fed decision day! Will the rally in stocks continue? Will miners follow stocks higher or...
Although gold had the conditions to rest for a while and fall only a little, it chose a more radical path and hit new monthly lows. Can it move lower?
Fresh inflation data is to be released tomorrow. While it may trigger daily fluctuations, the precious metals’ medium-term fundamentals remain bearish.
The current situation of gold and its behavior in 2013 share many bearish analogies. Is the yellow metal only halfway through its massive collapse?
Although the dip buyers haven’t conceded yet, gold, silver, and mining stocks have started to decline. Is the precious metals upswing over?
Investors believing that the Fed will follow the BoE’s example continue to support the short-term gold rally. Their optimism, however, may end soon.
The momentary role swap of the USDX and gold could raise some hopes for the bullish prospects of the yellow metal. Would they be justified?
While the U.S. 10-Year real yield is at its highest level since 2010, gold remains uplifted. Despite this outperformance, the pair should reconnect again.
Although small corrections in the gold and silver markets do happen, they will not cover up the bearish outlook for them, especially junior miners.

A gold nugget can be worth three to four times the value of the gold it contains because they are so rare.

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