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After gold ran out of steam, the market was flooded by a wave of invalidated breakouts. Can anything keep the precious metals from nosediving?
Despite increased war tensions, gold failed to break above $2,000. What’s worse, rising USDX and interest rates are already lurking on the horizon.
While gold prices remain elevated and investors continue to ignore the implications of the Fed’s rate hike cycle, a reality check should emerge sooner rather than later. For example, Bank of America’s latest Global Fund Manager Survey...
While investors remain happy-go-lucky, fundamental data for gold and silver is now worse than in 2021. Is this the last chance to come back to earth?
Gold’s efforts misfired, silver probably faked another breakout, and gold miners aren’t doing very well either. Is there a repeat of events from a decade coming?
The key things that I described in last week’s flagship analysis (posted on Thursday) remain up-to-date, but there are a few specific comments that I would like to make today about Friday’s session.
The rising USDX and more interest rate hikes prospect don’t seem to bother investors. Meanwhile, gold’s outlook for 2022 has worsened significantly.
Gold is still running on the war-fumes, but its last moves bring to mind only bearish associations. Worse yet, a rising dollar appeared on the horizon.
While the PMs and the general stock market assume that rising interest rates won’t cause any significant bouts of volatility, history suggests otherwise. With good data likely to elicit bad outcomes for both parties, the hotter the U.S....
Gold and the USD act as if they are swinging on a seesaw. However, the apparent idyll cannot last forever – one of the assets will have to be grounded.

The total world's holdings of gold could be transported by a single solitary oil tanker.

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