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Reversals ARE important, especially when confirmed by high volume. Thursday’s reversal in gold worked – it rallied, just as I had warned. The funniest thing about this rally is that it has little sense, and yet it was still quite possible...
What a beautiful nothing! Nothing really happened on the markets on Friday, but due to the context of the previous days’ actions, it was profound. The thing is that it was a day when markets took a breather and verified their previous...
The breakdown below the rising trend channel was followed by a decline that was big enough to confirm it, even though it was just the second close below it.
They say that the history rhymes and that’s generally true. Sometimes, the rhymes are almost identical. Like right now in the miners.
Subtle, yet important. That’s what the changes in the precious metals were like on Friday. The breakdowns in gold and mining stocks were verified, just like they were supposed to, and we made money on this rebound through the quick long...
Junior mining stocks have been very strong recently, also relative to senior miners. What does it mean? It means it’s story time.
What a difference a day can make! Everything was just SO bearish, and now… Well, some things changed. They changed quite profitably, as we just took profits off the table with GDXJ at $33.26. And right now, it seems that long positions...
In theory, nothing changed for the precious metals market yesterday, but in reality, it was the opposite, thanks to the signs from the USDX and stocks. Let’s start with the latter.
Another day, another decline in the junior miners. That’s the new reality. And with just a small push, the waterfall selling will start. Why? For instance, because of the head-and-shoulders pattern that is about to be completed.
What a difference 24h can make, huh? Gold rallied visibly on Monday, only to give it back on Tuesday. Same with miners. What’s next?

78 percent of the yearly gold supply is made into jewelry.

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