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In theory, nothing changed for the precious metals market yesterday, but in reality, it was the opposite, thanks to the signs from the USDX and stocks. Let’s start with the latter.
Another day, another decline in the junior miners. That’s the new reality. And with just a small push, the waterfall selling will start. Why? For instance, because of the head-and-shoulders pattern that is about to be completed.
What a difference 24h can make, huh? Gold rallied visibly on Monday, only to give it back on Tuesday. Same with miners. What’s next?
No market moves up or down in a straight line, and there are pullbacks, pauses, and corrections. See, one doesn’t invalidate the trend.
Reversals. Plenty of reversals. With reversal-based seasoning. Gold, silver, miners, the dollar, and even stocks – all reversed profoundly last week.
It’s always darkest before dawn, and the feeling is most bullish before the top. Is the sentiment (unnecessarily) positive right now?
Gold and USD Index are always connected – the former can’t break from the currency it’s priced in. And right now, that provides us with extra clues. Things are very exciting on the USD Index front. Yes, it’s declining, and yes, it’s...
In my analysis yesterday, I was forecasting silver prices for July 2023, and basically, this prediction was not bullish. Yes, I am very bullish on silver in the long run, but silver’s recent strength appeared fake as it was not accompanied...
The U.S. markets are closed for Independence Day, but we just saw some fireworks in junior mining stocks. Will they rally independently from gold?
I get a bearish signal, you get a bearish signal, bearish signals for everyone! Yes – we just saw another one. Yesterday was quite a pleasant day, wouldn’t you say? Our profits in the GDXJ (short position in it) increased once again, and...

In 1792 the U.S. Congress adopted a bimetallic standard (gold and silver) for the new nation's currency - with gold valued at $19.30 per troy ounce

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