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Gold welcomed the first day of 2023 with a rally, but is it just a side show, with the USDX being the one to watch for strength?
Here's how history rhymes in the precious metals market and what we can glean from recent movements in gold, silver, and mining stocks.
While the statistics scream, investors, often blinded by emotions, do not hear them. However, since history seems to rhyme, what do gold, silver, and mining stocks have in store for us?
Can gold's recent short-term rally be considered bullish, or can we expect a decline like in 2008? Is Silver Really Strong? Gold and silver are moving higher today, but nothing really changed despite that. Silver moved to its previous...
Gold’s rally was just stopped by the resistance provided by its previous high and its 60-week moving average. Will gold now reverse? The shape of this and last week’s price moves provides the answer.
Since the gold market now shows parallels to 2008 and 2013, what can we expect if the correction has just ended?
Something major happened to the USD/JPY (yen), and it triggered a sizable overnight rally in gold and silver. What’s really going on?
The precious metals sector didn’t do much on Friday, but something very important happened in gold’s key driver – the USD Index. Let’s get right to it.
What can happen while investors so stubbornly believe in the Federal Reserve's dovish pivot? No U-turn. “Nah, he’s bluffing” – investors were initially overwhelmed by the irresistible urge to ignore the obvious.
Gold moved slightly higher, silver soared, but miners declined on Friday. If it’s not a screaming short-term signal, I don’t know what is. In other words, Friday’s session served as a perfectly bearish confirmation of what we’ve been...

China has only 2% of its Total Foreign Reserves in gold.

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