This Week in Gold

July 15, 2007

By requests, we are now including GLD and SLV in our weekly commentary.

GLD - is on buy signal.

SLV - also on buy signal.

GDX - this US gold stocks ETF is on a buy signal.

XGD.TO - the Canadian gold stocks ETF is also on a buy signal.


The gold and silver ETF, along with both the US and Canadian gold stocks ETFs are all on a buy signal. Our breakout model has also confirmed a major breakout, and if past history is a guide, we should see new highs in both metals and stocks ETFs in the next few months. Nevertheless, we continue to manage risk.


Disclaimer: Words of caution: public readers of my commentaries should exercise their own judgment as to whether to buy or sell anything. Never trade based on other people's analysis. Knowing which way to place our bets is only half of the formula to success. Wishing you peace and profits......................................

Jack Chan began investing in 1976, and became an active trader in 1998 using technical analysis. He began sharing my trading model with a few like-minded fellow traders in 2001, and the circle began to grow. The teaching and mentoring became a full time job, and by late 2003, he had to leave the family business and launched his advisory service in early 2004. Visit his website at

A single ounce of gold (about 28 grams) can be stretched into a gold thread 5 miles (8 kilometers) long.