Morris Hubbartt

Morris Hubbartt is 50 years old - and is the creator of proprietary timing models in the Superforce Signals, Superforce 60 Trading Service. He is senior vice president, General Manager and as Co-Owner of a concrete manufacturing company since 1985. He is also sole proprietor of SFS Newsletter Services that specializes in volume analysis of the gold & silver markets. His website is at

Articles by Morris Hubbartt

Market Analysis via videos.
Video analysis of Dow and dollar danger, gold and silver bullion bull wedge, GDX, GDXJ, & SIL bottoming action, and key swing trades.
DOW & Bonds, Nasdaq Bear Signal, Gold, Silver & Copper, PM Stocks Analysis via videos.
Stocks Candlestick, T-Bonds & US$, Gold & Silver Bottoming and GDX & GDXJ analysis via videos.
DOW & Trans Double Tops, Gold/Silver/Copper, Bonds, GDX & GDXJ And Key PM Stock analysis via videos.
Inflation, Gold & Silver Volume, GDXJ vs GDX And Key PM Stocks analysis via videos.
Dow & Trans Indices, Gold, Silver & US$ Volume, GDX & GDXJ Bottoms, Key PM Stock Volume, Swing Trading analysis via videos.
Gold & Silver Volume, GDX & GDXJ Flags, Key Swing Trades And Key Bull Flags analysis via videos.
Dow Death Cross, Gold & Silver, GDX & GDXJ And Key Precious Metal Stocks analysis via videos.
Dow Broken, Gold & Silver Support, GDX, GDXJ & Key Precious Metal Stocks analysis via videos.


Nevada accounts for 75% of U.S. gold production.