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Well!  The market finally gave us the action which the main wave count had called for. That is an impulsive decline in a possible wave '3' grey and a break of that important support line at 1.2865.
Today’s action in cable has not offered any more clues to the validity of either wave count shown on the chart. The alternate wave count is just as likely following todays sideways grind. In terms of the action shown in the shaded box, it...
“Bon soir mes amis” We have reached the end of another week. And after a week of impulsive action in wave (c) brown, where each consecutive sub-wave has extended the price higher.
Welcome to another weekend. The time is ticking by! And these price structures are developing slowly, but nicely all the same. Let’s dig into it! EURUSD has traced out a possible five waves to the downside this week. The price broke...
China is the world’s biggest gold producer with more than 355 tons annually. Australia is second.