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This is a very frustrating period for gold investors. Global financial and geopolitical risks appear to be very high but gold has not responded. Gold and gold stocks are range-trading and have been since early March of this year. Gold is...
During the last week, the major market indices rallied again. Although there was no news to account for it, there was a reason.
We thought that when the gold price broke above its five-year downtrend in early June, it would establish an upward trend. We were wrong. Another false start, it seems. The bubble in financial assets continues.
Yesterday, gold broke a nearly six year-long downward sloping trend line that goes back to its all-time high of $1921 in August of 2011. Gold has not managed to cross above this trend line, currently at around $1280, since then, although...
Gold is still being mined and refined at the rate of almost 2,600 tonnes per year.