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I dedicate this Lecture to the memory of Ludwig von Mises, monetary scientist and teacher, who exposed the motives for Gold Wars as follows:
Gold Money Is the Root of All Good; Paper Money Is the Root of All Evil - A Blueprint for a New Gold Coin Standard -  
Lending versus Clearing I dedicate this lecture to the memory of Ely Moore, the first union official ever to have been elected to the Congress in 1834. He was a solid gold-standard man who believed, with Daniel Webster, that
I extend a hearty welcome to my audience at the first university course offered in the 21st century on the gold standard, made possible by Gold-Eagle University, an educational website to offer you knowledge put under taboo by mainstream/...
Introduction Over a year ago I wrote a rejoinder to a New York Times article entitled A Stirring in the Long-Suffering Gold Market. As could be expected, my piece did not meet with the approval of the editors, but subsequently it has...
The Pharaoh's Treasure
I. INTRODUCTION Fly in the Ointment
An Open letter to the Right Honorable Junichiro Koizumi, Prime Minister of Japan   St.John's, Newfoundland, January 16, 2002.   Dear Sir,

The average human body contains 0.2 mg of gold with the bone containing .016 ppm and the liver .0004 ppm.

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